Product Donations to Nonprofits

Intuit supports economic empowerment through donations of software

We provide Intuit products (such as QuickBooks) in limited amounts to nonprofits to support financial literacy or small business development in disadvantaged communities. We also offer software to qualifying nonprofits to support their operations.

Applying for a Product Donation

Intuit relies on specialized agencies to distribute products in limited amounts, mainly to qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofits with missions in Intuit's focus areas.


Contact TechSoup Website
or Call 1.800.659.3579 x700
To apply for QuickBooks software

Focus: Economic Empowerment 

Focusing our product donations on economic empowerment supports our goals of:

  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit among nonprofits and among small businesses in disadvantaged communities
  • Encouraging financial literacy among people in need

Who Benefits and How

The organizations that distribute or receive Intuit software donations help individual people and nonprofits build more secure financial futures.

Organizations That Distribute or Receive Intuit Product Donations

Intuit supports economic empowerment through donations of software in programs such as these:

Gifts in Kind

Intuit donated Quicken software to a program that distributes Quicken to qualified nonprofits, including organizations that train people in financial literacy. Intuit also donates QuickBooks software to qualifying nonprofits to help them manage their own finances. To find out how to obtain QuickBooks, visit Gifts in Kind or call 703-836-2121.

Compass Point

Intuit provided Compass Point with QuickBooks software to install in computer labs in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Compass Point uses QuickBooks to train nonprofit organizations in managing their finances. For information, visit Compass Point.


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Intuit Educational Program for QuickBooks

Intuit offers specially priced QuickBooks software and curriculum materials to accredited K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Facts at a Glance


Program: Product Donations

Focus: Encouraging and sustaining economic empowerment

Recipients: Nonprofits; Individual People and Small Businesses

Application: Distribution is through nonprofit organizations

Provided: QuickBooks Software


Enabling Nonprofits to Do More

"Product donations maximize the financial resources and savings of nonprofits." - Gifts in Kind, a nonprofit distributor of Intuit product donations