Corporate Sustainability

Doing the Right Thing

Intuit takes pride in being a good corporate citizen. In fact, our employees made taking care of the environment part of our company's values. That's why, after years of grassroots efforts by our employees, corporate sustainability is just part of who we are.


Our Sustainability program, launched in 2007, formalizes the sustainability efforts in our core business operations. In April 2016, we released a sustainability update where you can learn more about our goals, initiatives and progress.


We are proud of our achievements so far, even as we know that there's so much more to do. In the future, we will continue innovating for customers and providing value to stakeholders while operating in an increasingly sustainable manner. We welcome your feedback, observations, and most importantly your ideas. We strongly believe that by working together with our employees, customers, partners and the community, we can fulfill our mission, exceed our goals and help to create a better world.

Goals and Areas of Focus

Learn more about our goals and initiatives by reviewing our sustainability update. We welcome your feedback, observations, and most importantly your ideas. We know that we are going to need help from all of our stakeholders to reach and exceed our goals. Together, we believe we can make a positive difference for the environment and for Intuit.

Intuit Sustainability Goals

  • Consider sustainability in all our decisions.
  • Engage employees' hearts and minds in Intuit's sustainability goals and the "We Care and Give Back" value.
  • Increase transparency of Intuit's sustainability initiatives.
  • Solve important customer problems with delightful solutions that help lead to a sustainable community.
  • Partner with dedicated environmental stakeholder groups around the world to learn how to improve environmental efficiency while supporting research and progress for corporate sustainability.