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Help Solve Important Customer Problems With Delightful Solutions That Help Lead to a Sustainable Community

Green Your Business Forum

At the Green Your Business Forum small business owners can get environment-saving tips that go beyond changing light bulbs. Intuit teamed up with the Green Business Bureau to provide industry-specific content about environmental business practices, conserving resources, communicating green values to potential customers, and growing in a sustainable way.

Intuit Energy Scorecard

Millions of consumers and small businesses use Intuit's products to manage their finances. With our focus on sustainability, we're experimenting with new applications to help small businesses understand their energy expenses compared to their peers. The Intuit Energy Scorecard is a simple app available for free on Intuit's App Center. To use it, small business owners simply enter their energy expense and industry, and the application shows them a comparison to similar companies. In addition, the app also shows a customized list of industry-specific tips to help that type of business save money and become more sustainable.

Helping Customers Reduce Paper Usage

It doesn't have to be hard to go paperless. Look for the paperfree logo which identifies Intuit products and services that help reduce paper consumption like replacing printed invoices with online statements, using e-file instead of mailing paper tax forms. We have a plan to help customers cut paper use by 1 billion sheets annually!