200,000+ Veterans move to civilian life per yr.¹
40% Military spouses have a college degree²
2.5M+ US veterans have their own business³

Community. Jobs. Financial Empowerment.

Honoring Military Families & Veterans

The Intuit Military and Veteran Initiative is our company commitment to help transform the lives of military families and veterans through community, jobs and financial empowerment. Like military families and veterans, we are committed to excellence, motivated by mission, and driven by a sense of purpose.

Jobs and Financial Resources

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

At Intuit, we proudly employ hundreds of top talent military veterans and their family members, as we believe their wide range of life experiences brings valuable ideas and perspective to the table.

Small Business & Self-Employed

Small Business & Self-Employed

For military veterans and families interested in starting their own business, QuickBooks offers the resources and professional bookkeeping advice to navigate their business finances.

Career Training Programs

Financial Tips & Management

Mint is a free budget tracker that brings together all of your accounts, bills and more in one place to help conveniently manage your finances

Taxes & Tax Advice

Taxes & Tax Advice

We proudly offer all enlisted active duty and reserve service members free federal and state tax preparation. TurboTax products are designed to provide personalized guidance and advice addressing specific challenges relating to military tax filers.

Join our TurboTax Live virtual expert network

Make a real difference for small businesses across the nation. Work side-by-side online helping TurboTax customers with tax advice, review and prepare tax returns from home, and more. Opportunities currently available at Intuit for Tax Experts and Tax Support.

Military Life at Intuit

At Intuit, we host a variety of opportunities for veterans, military families and allies to come together. From quarterly leadership panels featuring transitioning military; to our Veteran’s Day celebration, the Intuit Military Network’s volunteers are focused on education, mentorship, recruiting, and community outreach. No military experience required! The Intuit Military and Veteran Initiative is our company’s commitment to community, jobs and financial empowerment opportunities for military families and veterans.
  • Karen Brasch
  • Tony Lloyd

    US Air Force Veteran; Manager, Technical Program Management, San Diego

    “The extraordinary culture of intuit supports my passion of being creatively resourceful and there are no limits on learning, personal growth, and the opportunity to make my mark.”

  • Jenna Johnson

    US Army Veteran; Service and Support Specialist,

    "I am grateful to work for a company that not only appreciates my service but encourages me to give back. The values and integrity throughout the company remind me of those that I served with and I feel at home."

  • Matt Lisowski

    US Navy Veteran; VP General Management, Canada; Intuit Military Network Executive Sponsor, San Diego

    "Providing all veterans and their families with the opportunities to translate their skill set to grow, develop and thrive at Intuit through education, recruiting, mentorship and outreach. Inuit's core values align closely to those that military veterans have learned in their respective services, and I have found that provides a relatable bridge into the private sector."

  • Karen Brasch

    US Navy Veteran, Principal Technical Program Manager; Military and Veteran Initiative and Intuit Military Network Global Leader, San Diego

    "Intuit’s core values, including 'Integrity without compromise', are something I have found relatable, and that they run deep in the company. I am truly grateful for the many opportunities I have at Intuit to leverage my experience and make a difference. The journey continues."

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