One Intuit Military Program

Powering prosperity for our service members

One Intuit Military Program

200,000+ Veterans move to civilian life per yr.¹
40% Military spouses have a college degree²
2.5M+ US veterans have their own business³

The One Intuit Military Program

We are building the One Intuit Military Program as part of our commitment to create job opportunities and financial empowerment for military families and veterans through programs woven throughout the fabric of our company.

Our belief is that veterans and military spouses provide a source of unique skills and talent. Our desire is to compete for that top talent, while honoring those who served.

Intuit's mission through this program consists of:

Committing to our veterans

The One Intuit Military Program is part of our commitment to help transform the lives of military families and veterans through jobs and financial empowerment. By building on a foundation that includes hiring top talent vets and making philanthropic donations, we are growing stronger relationships with military spouses and veterans to ease the transition into civilian life. Providing job opportunities and educating veterans on starting a small business is all in service to powering prosperity around the world.

Intuit Military Network

The Intuit Military Network is one of our eleven Diversity and Inclusion Employee Resource Groups. Our mission is to provide all veterans and their families with the opportunities to translate their skill set to grow, develop and thrive at Intuit through education, recruiting, mentorship and outreach.

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