Intuit Education: 21st Century Skills for Students

Real-world skills for a prosperous future

Increasing financial security for students

Intuit’s education offerings provide new opportunities to close the 21st century skills gap. Our personal finance offerings use Intuit tools to bring real-world experiences into the classroom to build long-term behavioral change.

Empower students to manage their finances

Help students understand budgeting, credit scores, savings and more using Mint.

Immerse students in simulated taxes

Help students understand income taxes, deductions and tax filings with TurboTax.

Personal Finance Simulations

Mint Simulations

These real-world simulations teach students how to budget, understand and build their credit scores, compare credit cards, analyze spending behaviors, and create financial goals.

Getting started with Mint

Find resources to help you and your students get up and running with Mint.

TurboTax Simulations

Gone are the days of filing taxes with pen and paper. With our TurboTax simulations, students can practice filing taxes with one of our 5 pre-selected personas from any state.

Resources to help you teach

Visit our partner websites to access resources to help you teach Mint and TurboTax in the classroom.