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Why partner with us?

When you connect with TurboTax, you're gaining a powerful tool and a competitive advantage.


Program overview

Offering TurboTax import to your customers and employees enables them to import their tax-related data documents into their tax returns quickly and easily. You not only save them time - you simplify their tax preparation and help ensure data entry is complete and accurate. That's great for them and increases customer satisfaction and retention for you.

Program highlights

  • Free participation for organizations, financial customers and employees
  • Complements e-delivery efforts and self-service applications
  • Secure and accurate tax form data delivery
  • Technical Support from Intuit
  • Marketing resources and revenue share opportunities
  • Multiple connection methods for W-2 data

Benefits of TurboTax import

  • Secure, private user access to tax information via credentialing
  • Fast, accurate data entry into tax returns
  • Paperless electronic delivery of document data
  • Ease in completion of tax forms, especially for large or frequent investors
  • Compliance with complex government regulations
  • More accurate and credentialed data means less risk of fraud
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