Top partner questions

  • How does the authentication process work?

    The import partner has the ability to decide what information is needed to authenticate their customers. Customers are prompted to supply this information when using the feature in the TurboTax products. This information is sent to your server by way of the OFX request.

  • Do I need to develop any security precautions with my OFX server?

    The contract speaks to the import partner's responsibility to set up, operate, and maintain an OFX server through which the data will be imported so that the customer will be prevented from importing data after three unsuccessful attempts to sign on through the Intuit Tax product. OFX servers are required to have Verisign certificates installed in order for TurboTax to import data.

  • What do I do to about online security and phishing scams?

    Check our Intuit Online Security Center for links on how to address phishing scams and various online risks.

  • What if I don't finish the implementation before the final release of TurboTax?

    Additional partners can be added to the TurboTax import partner list throughout the tax season. An import partner cannot be added until the feature has been thoroughly tested with its server and the server is fully operational.

  • Should I download my customer's data by account or should I group accounts together based on access privilege?

    The import partner can choose the method that makes the most sense for their customers. The customer can also choose not to select a particular item of tax information to import.

  • Can my customers import large amounts of data?

    Yes, but it will take several minutes to longer periods of time if importing large amounts of data. The time depends on the amount of data to import and the speed of the computer.

  • How do my customers remove the imported data?

    If your customers decide that they do not want to keep the imported data, they can remove all or some of it from their return.

    To remove imported data:
    1. From the File menu, point to Remove Imported Data, then select the data that you want to remove.
    2. In the confirmation dialog box, select Yes. The data you selected is removed from your return.

Intuit’s New Professional Tax Solutions and Partner Data Import FAQs

  • How will the new products impact our data and the way we work with Intuit?

    The data provided by our self-hosted partners is now available within a broader range of Intuit Products. By providing support for additional Intuit products, accountants and taxpayers will be able to leverage the time saving benefits provided by Intuit offerings.

  • Will I have to provide any new infrastructure to provide support for these new product integrations?

    No. We leverage existing infrastructure to provide support for these new products and therefore no additional work is required. You will continue to receive requests through existing endpoints and internally we handle distributing and supporting the new integrations.

  • Will I have to do any additional testing to support these new products?

    No. Because we leverage existing infrastructure, no additional testing is required to support the new products.

  • Should I continue to use existing Intuit provided testing tools to test and certify Intuit products?

    Yes. Please continue to leverage the existing TurboTax testing tools as you do today. When you are certified to integrate your data with TurboTax, as a result you are automatically certified for other Intuit tax products.

  • Is there any additional testing infrastructure to test the new products?

    No. No additional testing infrastructure is available as it is not necessary to do any additional testing other than what you already do today.

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