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TurboTax users, do not complete this form if you wish to import your individual 1099 or W-2 forms into TurboTax. This form is for financial institutions and employers only.

Account connectivity for companies with less than 100 employees

If you are interested in importing W-2s and your company has less than 100 employees, you can enable TurboTax import through our QuickBooks Payroll product. We currently don’t offer direct connectivity for companies of this size.

Account connectivity service providers for financial institutions

For reference, below is a list of some service providers, who offer OFX connectivity enablement, consulting and implementation support. Intuit does not officially endorse or guarantee their services.

If you are interested in one of these providers, please contact them directly to evaluate their services. If you prefer to establish your own connectivity, please fill out the form.

Third party and hosting service providers:

Wall Street Concepts/FIS


Ninth Wave


Pershing LLC

Apex Clearing Corporation

BNYMellon Asset Servicing

Thomson Reuters

Broadridge Financial Solutions

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