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Technical Overview


Here's an overview of the processes and timeline that will get you up and running. We'll provide step-by-step support throughout the process.

Import programs



API Server Setup

Steps to Set Up the API Server
  • Determine if the technology will be hosted or outsourced
  • Integrate the FDX or OFX server
  • Create an interface for authenticating customers, or integrate with an existing interface
  • Write software to map the data in your tax database onto the chosen specification
  • Identify test accounts that meet the requirements stated in Test Requirements and Test Accounts. Provide authentication information and data printouts for these test accounts to your TurboTax import representative
  • Execute a preliminary test for syntactic accuracy
  • Complete server testing
  • Complete End-To-End Integration

All tools and other supporting resources will be available to you once your institution is signed up as a TurboTax import partner, and you receive your credentials to access the password-protected areas of this partner portal.

Time Required for This Phase

The amount of time required to complete this phase varies depending on whether or not there is an API server already in place. We typically allocate two to four weeks for this phase.

Intuit Hosted

Partner with us

We provide free TurboTax import program set-up assistance and ongoing support at no cost to you or your clients.