Welcome to the TurboTax Import Program


Here's an overview of the processes and timeline that will get you up and running. We'll provide step-by-step support throughout the process. If you have questions about the process, you can contact us at TurboTax_Connect@intuit.com.

Import Programs


Testing Tools


During the various stages of the onboarding process, your TurboTax import technical representative will furnish you with helpful tools which will allow you to test your server request and response, and the end-to-end integration of your import data to the TurboTax product. You will be able to, in collaboration with the Intuit team, debug and test at all steps of the development and implementation.


All tools and other supporting resources will be available to you once your institution is signed up as a TurboTax import partner, and you receive your credentials to access the password-protected areas of this partner portal.

Partner with us

We provide free TurboTax import program set-up assistance and ongoing support at no cost to you or your clients.