Test Requirements and Test Accounts


During Phases 2 and 3 of the implementation, we will be testing your OFX server for compliance with the OFX specification and for correct integration with TurboTax. The test requirements, and the associated test accounts necessary to test those requirements, are listed below.


Data needed for testing


Authentication data

For each test account, you must provide the authentication information necessary to access the data on the OFX server.


Printout of tax data

You must provide a printout of the tax data that is contained in the account. To ensure accuracy, Intuit will compare this printout to the imported tax data as it appears within the TurboTax product.


Verify that you have a way of printing out a customer's "raw" data from your database in a format other than OFX. The printed tax forms or a text-only equivalent (with box number/value pairs) would be ideal. It will be helpful for you to provide an example of this output in advance; this will allow your TurboTax import representative to confirm that the printout meets our needs for the testing in Phases 2 and 3.


Test accounts

You should create or identify the test accounts as part of the OFX server setup process. We recommend you identify test accounts from your previous year's tax database (modified as necessary to make them anonymous) that meet the test case requirements. Many issues can be identified and fixed early in the project if real data is used for testing. We strongly discourage creating test accounts "by hand" and manually adding them to the database.


Testing requirements


The testing requirements and associated test accounts are listed below.


Testing requirement 1: Test all supported tags

You need one or more test accounts that, when taken together, include at least one of each of the tax forms you intend to support. The test account(s) must also include every tag from the OFX specification that you intend to support.


Testing requirement 2: Single sign-in/multiple accounts

For 1099 partners, if you are going to support the ability to import several accounts using a single set of authentication information, you must provide a set of authentication credentials that illustrates this capability.


For W2 partners, you must provide a set of authentication credentials that accesses multiple W2s. This test requirement addresses the case of an employee who changed jobs mid-year and both employers are clients who participate in TurboTax import through your organization.


Testing requirement 3: Production test account

We ask that you maintain a test account in your production tax database that can be accessed by the TurboTax products throughout the tax season. Please provide the authentication information for this test account to your TurboTax import technical representative. This account may be one of the test accounts used for testing the other requirements or it may be a different account.


Testing requirement 4 (1099 only): Large number of trades

For 1099 partners, one test account must contain a 1099B with at least 100 Proceeds Details aggregates.


Testing requirement 5 (1099R only): Supported distribution codes

For 1099 partners who provide the 1099R, you need one or more test accounts that, when taken together, include all of the various distribution codes that you have in your tax database.


In addition, we encourage you to create additional test requirements and accounts that represent the needs of a significant segment of your customer base.