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Intuit for Education

A free platform to help build financial confidence for today's generation

Get students excited about finances with a flexible, interactive curriculum that utilizes real-world tools.

Why Intuit

Intuit for Education is a free and flexible financial literacy platform for high school students that offers real-world tools to get them excited about finances and build their financial confidence.

Intuit for Education will change the way we teach financial literacy

Get a sneak peak of how Intuit for Education brings comprehensive, flexible personal finance curriculum into your classroom easily and effectively.

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Intuit Personal Finance curriculum

The Personal Finance curriculum provides students with the information they need to become financially literate as they move into adulthood. The curriculum includes 75+ hours of curriculum across 13 units with useful real-world topics, like building credit, managing bank accounts, planning for investing, understanding taxes, and repaying loans. Students can apply these concepts and develop lifelong skills and capabilities by using Intuit product simulations in real-world scenarios.

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Intuit Entrepreneurial Finance curriculum

It's common for some small businesses to fail due to a lack of understanding around managing the finances of the business. Help students develop the foundational financial knowledge they need to succeed. The Intuit Entrepreneurial Finance curriculum helps students understand and apply the financial responsibilities of starting and managing a business or side hustle. The curriculum includes concepts like monitoring and forecasting business finances, managing risk, obtaining financing, and establishing a proper exit strategy, and can act as a standalone curriculum or integrated into other external entrepreneurship programs.

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Student data privacy matters to all of us

When you use Intuit for Education, you trust us with your data and the data of your students. We help safeguard that data and protect your privacy by using industry-leading technology and practices.