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Congratulations 2024 Challenge winners!

2024 Intuit Hour of Finance Challenge winners!

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Intuit Hour of Finance Challenge benefits

Kickstart your students' interest in finances

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What is Intuit Prosperity Quest?

Intuit Prosperity Quest is an interactive web-based game in which students navigate and make choices to earn income, pay bills, take out loans, and manage savings and investments. The Growing Green Legacy world in Intuit Prosperity Quest is a virtual environment where players can learn important lessons about managing their finances, including maintaining a budget, comparing the impact of paying bills with cash or credit, evaluating loan options, understanding credit scores, and seeing the growth of savings through simple interest. By exploring the world, players gain valuable real-world experience that can help them improve their financial literacy and build confidence to manage their financial future.

Intuit Hour of Finance Challenge Activities

Check out each step of the Intuit Hour of Finance Challenge, intended for a full 1-hour session but can be modified for 45-minute sessions.

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