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Intuit Innovation Challenges

Building durable, in-demand skills for students through creative solution and product design.


About Intuit's Social Innovation Challenges

Intuit's Social Innovation Challenge engages students from school districts and educational organizations across North America to leverage design thinking as they develop innovative solutions to solve a problem prompt. Students compete in teams to win prizes from swag to scholarships.

Engaging students to learn durable skills while making a positive impact in their communities

Learn real-world skills

Learn skills used by the most innovative founders & companies, including Intuit’s design thinking method, Design for Delight, and add new skills to your resume and/or college application.

Create a solution

Create solutions that interest you, leveraging your knowledge of design thinking. Then, identify potential customers, brainstorm, and test your ideas.

Compete with your team

Compete against other high school students across North America and test your new skills.

Intuit's 2023 Spring Social Innovation Challenge

This spring, students will be asked to develop a solution to the following prompt:

How might we help your school be more sustainable?

How might we help your school be more sustainable?


metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted each year by K-12 schools, equivalent to about 18 coal-powered power plants or 8.6 million homes.1


per day is the estimated cost to manage 530,000 tons per year of U.S. school food waste. This roughly translates to 1.9 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gas and 20.9 billion gallons of water.2


school buses in the U.S alone carry 26 million children more than 4 billion miles each year.3

How to join the Challenge

Compete in the 2023 Social Innovation Challenge

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Step 1: Form your team

Put together a team of 2-8 people to help you build your solution during the challenge.

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Step 2: Sign up

Competing in the challenge is completely free. Register before March 6, 2023 to participate.

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Step 3: Learn Design for Delight

Take the self-paced Design for Delight Foundations course—this will help you and your team to create innovative solutions during the challenge.

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Step 4: Build & submit

Use the Social Innovation Challenge Guidebook and resources to document your team's progress and prepare for final submissions.

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Not sure where to start? Check out these shareable 1-page resources to help you learn more about the Social Innovation Challenge.

About the Social Innovation Challenge

Check out this brief overview of the Social Innovation Challenge.

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How to sign up

Follow these quick instructions on how to sign up online.

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What to expect: for educators

Learn how educators can support their students while they compete in the Challenge.

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What to expect: for students

Get a glimpse at the outline and expectations for students during the Challenge.

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The Challenge Begins

Project work begins today in addition to completing workbook materials and the Design for Delight Foundations course.


Submissions Due

All teams will submit their presentations and projects.


Regional Winners Announced

Regional winners (40 teams) will move forward to compete in the final round of the challenge.


Finalist Round Begins

Finalist teams will have 2 weeks to continue working on their prototypes and solutions.


Finalist Submissions Due

All finalist teams will submit their presentations and projects.


Final Winners Announced

Final winners will be announced and awarded a variety or prizes!

Prizes and awards

1st Place Finalists

$5,000 educational scholarships per student

2nd Place Finalists

$3,000 educational scholarships per student

3rd Place Finalists

$2,000 educational scholarships per student

Regional Winners

$250-value prize per team

All Participants

Design for Delight Certification Exam ($100 value)

Recent challenge winners

Headshot photo of Gavin Schuld
To say that taking part in Intuit’s Social Innovation Challenge has inspired me would be an understatement. Throughout my time participating in this challenge, I have become less ignorant and grown more aware of the struggles that underrepresented groups endure not only in the business world but in their daily lives. I would recommend this challenge to any aspiring students who are eager to advocate for social change.
Gavin Schuld, Fountain Valley High School, 1st Place Winner
Headshot photo of Sufia Arshad
These skills of leadership, adaptability, and learning together as a collaborative team will also help me in the real world, where I’ll need to be resourceful and to take leadership into action.
Sufia Arshad, Georges Vanier Secondary School, 2nd Place Winner
Headshot photo of Jeffrey Langford
The social innovation challenge has taught and inspired me in so many ways. It has allowed me to look at the success stories of people that have faced adversity, and it has inspired me to strive for success and overcome my own obstacles.
Jeffrey Langford, Fountain Valley High School, 1st Place Winner
Headshot photo of Lenecia Walters
This project helped me to find my liking, something I am passionate about, and how I envision using the lessons as I explore more ideas and work towards goals to be great... leaving an image on my business.
Lenecia Walters, Georges Vanier Secondary School, 2nd Place Winner
Image Alt Text
By having guidance from my mentors, working with my teammates, and pitching the website to interested users, I gained insight into working in a real-world setting.
Maheswari Bajji, Santa Teresa High School, 1st Place Winner
Image Alt Text
I have seen how detrimental not having access to mentors or people that understand certain aspects, like governmental procedures and permits, can be to a minority entrepreneur,” Mata said. “With our product we hoped to have been able to close this knowledge gap while creating an opportunity to network.
Esmeralda Martinez Mata, School of Business and Management at Townview, 3rd Place Winner
Image Alt Text
​​We developed problem solving skills as well as learned how to work in a team. We will utilize these skills by applying them to our future careers.
Eden Cheung, Westhill High School, 3rd Place Winner
Headshot of David Zasada

I believe getting students outside of the classroom, outside of their day-to-day routine, will help them gain the critical thinking and collaboration skills they need to enter the workforce and contribute to their communities. We created our first Design for Delight challenge in 2019 and found students engaged, excited and energized to work on a project of their choosing, while simultaneously learning durable career skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership and more. Today, we invest in designing and building design thinking challenges, utilizing Design for Delight, around the world to help students prepare for the future, in addition to training educators to use design thinking in their classrooms.

David Zasada Vice President - Corporate Responsibility

Join the Challenge

Competing in the challenge is completely free. Register before March 6, 2023 to participate.