A new tool to make taxes more transparent

Intuit is partnering with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) and Polco to launch a Federal Taxpayer Receipt that shows where…

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The tax code is too complicated—everyone needs an advocate in their corner to get the best outcome during tax season

Intuit is committed to providing individuals with the tools to quickly and efficiently navigate the tax return process. We believe…

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Intuit reinforces its commitment to fighting for taxpayers’ rights

IRS-run tax preparation will disempower taxpayers and harm the most vulnerable.

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An Asian mother and daughter sit outside under an umbrella, looking at a phone and smiling.

Everyone deserves a tax advocate

Intuit helps taxpayers navigate every step of their tax return. Intuit, a California-based company, is committed to providing individuals with…

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A woman with red curly hair and a man in a lab coat with glasses.

Helping taxpayers make the most of the 2023 tax season

Intuit knows taxes can be challenging. Learn how we help customers simplify their taxes, and meet some of the customers…

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In their own words: Intuit TurboTax Live Tax Experts share their experiences and their stories

Intuit sat down with TurboTax Live Tax Experts to discover what drives them to do what they do.

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A woman and man sit on the couch with an open laptop while looking a a phone.

Intuit is helping taxpayers take control of their finances in 2023

A new tax season is here, and with it, changes to tax deductions, credits, rules, and deadlines. With the right…

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Paving a path to virtual financial advice at scale

Traditional recommender systems, predictive analytics, data-driven insights, and human expert-assisted matchmaking are delivering tremendous value for small business accounting and…

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