Setting the record straight on tax preparation 

Intuit TurboTax has been advocating on behalf of taxpayers for decades. Despite misinformation about tax preparation and the company’s track record, Intuit continues to work every day to provide its customers with the tools they need to save time and get more money, so they have complete confidence in their financial decisions.

Intuit is an advocate for taxpayers and is committed to tax simplification. Every year, we help millions of taxpayers navigate an ever-complex tax code so they can confidently file their taxes. Our mission is to power prosperity around the world, and that commitment is why we fight to ensure our customers receive every single dollar they’ve earned and deserve.

When taxpayers know the difference between fact and fiction regarding tax preparation, they can be confident that Intuit is operating with accountability and transparency. In this post, we clear up some common misconceptions about tax preparation, its related costs, and the role Intuit continues to play in helping taxpayers file their tax returns.