Intuit Canada's Mission

Intuit’s mission is to Power Prosperity Around the World. Our global products and platforms, including TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, are designed to empower consumers, self-employed and small businesses to take control of their finances and live the lives they want.

We are a leading financial technology company. Globally, our innovative ecosystem of financial management solutions serves approximately 50 million customers worldwide. Unlike many Silicon Valley companies, Intuit didn’t start in a garage. We started even smaller: at the kitchen table where co-founder Scott Cook watched his wife struggle to balance the family cheque book. His brainchild, Quicken, revolutionized personal finance in 1983. Nine years later, in 1992, Intuit Canada was founded. We’ve been a leader in financial management ever since.

We actively explore how future and emerging innovations can be integrated into products to better the customer experience, ensuring that today’s products provide the best experience and support available; at the same time investigating how new technologies and innovations, 10+ years out, can further fuel our customers’ prosperity in ways they could ever imagine possible.

Powering prosperity around the world begins with our employees. That’s why we work to create an inclusive environment that enables all our employees to achieve prosperity – in their finances, in their career, in their well-being and in the communities where they live and work.