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A Culture of Trust and Transparency

Speaking and Listening


Sharing Information with Our People

Camaraderie, Transparency and Accountability

This year challenged us in unprecedented ways - some moments required us to communicate with clarity, and others with great vulnerability, in order to move forward together. The two-way dialogue between senior leaders and employees that we are committed to not only maintaining, but also continually deepening, helps promote transparency, engender respect, and build trust among employees at every level of our organization.

We bring this ethos to life into our ways of working, particularly through senior managers and leadership, to imbue a sense of camaraderie and transparency in moments of shared stress and adversity.

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The amount of trust I have in Intuit when it comes to their handling of COVID-19 is unparalleled. They are going above and beyond in this regard and have left no stone unturned when it comes to our safety.

Ensuring Our Teams Are Safe and Informed

The shelter-in-place orders brought on by COVID-19 required swift and clear communication in order to facilitate a smooth transition to working from home. With empathy as our guide, leadership created an emergency COVID-19 microsite as a hub for updates, benefits, and resources to ensure employees were informed and supported.

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The communication about the situation and the frequent updates on decision making really shows care for the planning and mental well being of others. They let us know that given the situation, we will be at home until 2021 and further they gave the option for those who are having a hard time to volunteer to go into the office. That is really awesome.

A Time to Stand Together

Intuit is committed to supporting all of its employees, both in times of celebration and – perhaps more importantly – in moments of grief. Conversations about racial injustice began with a prompt and thoughtful statement from our CEO, Sasan Goodarzi, and continued with a company-wide fireside chat. This has lead to financial contributions and 2:1 donation matching, meaningful employee volunteer opportunities, anti-racist training, and internal process auditing in support of the Black community.

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Announcing a New Site

At Intuit, leaders address big changes head-on. 2020 had been a turbulent year for our employees and their loved ones and an announcement of this magnitude deserved an extra layer of sensitivity and thoughtfulness. With the confirmation of a site move from Mississauga to downtown Toronto planned for 2022, we gave our employees a 2-year heads-up.

As of August 2022, Intuit Canada's HQ is located in downtown Toronto.

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Encouraging New Ideas and a Better Way

Feedback is a Gift

At a time when we are all navigating uncharted territory together, the voice of our employees is more important than ever. At Intuit, we provide a wide variety of channels – informal and formal - for employees to ask questions and share opinions. We do this because we believe feedback is one of the most valuable ways we can improve on ourselves, both in our functional expertise, but also how we work with our colleagues to support each through challenging times.

And it’s working. Our feedback and communications channels are one of the main drivers for new policy and practice adoption, as we continue to operate driven by the belief that our business is shaped by our employees, and that our employees must feel empowered in order to succeed.

Keeping an Always-On Pulse

As we navigated our new work-from-home normal and worked towards building a return-to-workplace strategy, we put our employees as the center of this process. To frequently check-in on the wellbeing of our people, we added a lightweight always-on survey so we could gauge how employees were adjusting to the changes and respond to their pain points. The survey continues to provide an ongoing source of employee data to our senior leadership team.

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Supporting our Working Parents

Working remotely can be especially challenging for parents and caregivers while kids are home from school. Intuit created a team focused on supporting these unique needs, and have built their recommendations in response to direct feedback from surveyed employees. In addition to 4 weeks of Family Support Time, Intuit offers guidance for people leaders, flexible work time, and a hub for best practices, and sharing among our working parent community.

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Within my work team, we are open and respectful of each others' situation at home. i.e. One coworker has to look after a small child at home, we reached a consensus to assist this coworker to host/attend meetings when needed.

Introducing Racial Equity Advancement Leadership (REAL)

The REAL team is paving the way for a more equitable Intuit and beyond. The team exists to eliminate anti-Black racism at Intuit and ensure there is equity across our employees, customers and the communities we serve. This team is the first all-Black employee-led racial equity team in the technology industry, and is leading the industry in this space. We have five areas of focus: empowerment of our Black employees, equity review of our practices and policies, mindset skills & behaviors, inclusive product & customer experiences, and corporate responsibility.

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A Culture of Trust and Transparency

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