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It's the People

Thanking and Celebrating


Do Good Work, Get Good Rewards

We say thanks – a lot. It can be as simple as a gift card, recognition during a team meeting, or time-off to do what you want. Our rewards recognize everyone, from the frontlines to senior executives, and the recognition ranges from gift cards to can’t-buy-experiences - while supporting our customers when they need it most. Our employees have demonstrated great resilience and unwavering drive to deliver for each other and for our customers during these unprecedented times - and that deserves recognition.

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Gratitude and Giving

As Intuit came to the end of its fiscal year, our Canadian leadership team wanted to both acknowledge the contribution of each employee, and support a local SMB that highlights our Canadian pride and giving culture. All employees selected a sweater from Peace Collective, an Intuit QuickBooks customer that shares our passion for giving to our communities. Every garment ordered provided 5 meals for children in need through partnerships with Food Banks of Canada and Mary’s Meals.

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I love that every garment sold provides 5 meals for children in need. That is over 2,000 meals just from our orders!

Brittany Russo Event Marketing Manager & Employee Experience Ambassador, Toronto

Thanking a Virtual Sales Team

Our close-knit sales team has its own unique culture that feeds off each other’s energy, making the transition to virtual work very challenging. One month into this new normal, the sales leadership team recognized a need to keep each other connected and engaged. They quickly organized the first-ever Virtual Sales Townhall where each employee received an UberEats gift card for virtual lunch and a self-care package featuring products purchased from Canadian QuickBooks customers delivered to their home. This gesture greatly impacted the small businesses that Intuit supported.

A Culture of Recognition

Intuit’s performance-driven culture has practices in place that provide immediate positive feedback to celebrate the successes of our teams. From our Spotlight program that allows employees and managers to acknowledge contributions with monetary rewards, to organization-wide acknowledgements – we know that sharing a “thank you” goes a long way to make our employees feel valued. Intuit Canada’s ProConnect team champions this value with an always-on Recognition Slack channel that has created a space for shared gratitude, pride in work, and celebration among peers.
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One Big Happy Intuit Family

Ask any Intuit employee the top three things they like best about work, and one of them is bound to be “the people.” We just like each other here. This is one of many reasons that Intuit has been recognized by Great Place to Work Canada for over a decade! Keeping our spirit of celebration alive during a heavy chapter that prevented us from being together was a challenge that required us to be both mindful and creative. But our employees are “in-to-it, and are always finding ways to infuse fun in whatever we do.

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#2 Best Workplaces in Canada Virtual Celebration

Intuit has had top 5 finishes in the last four years – it’s clear that we have built and continue to build a workplace environment we can all be proud of. This announcement occurred only 3 weeks after shelter-in-place orders began, forcing us to think of new and innovative ways to celebrate a bright moment in a stressful time. After a Virtual Thank You Toast (including our pets, family members and loved ones), we hosted a live exclusive Facebook and Instagram takeover performance from singer-songwriter and Intuit QuickBooks customer, Trevor Dubois.

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Celebrating the End of an Extended Tax Season

Despite having to transition to a “new normal”, our TurboTax, ProFile, and ProTax teams continued to support 5M+ million customers across Canada through an extended tax season. While these tough times prevented us from gathering in person this year, it did give us the opportunity to go big to celebrate our teams’ resilience and accomplishments virtually – and across borders! Our Canadian sites joined peers in Texas and California for a virtual event featuring a cocktail class and a private concert by Jennifer Hudson. Employees were also given a custom painting by a local artist from San Diego and the remainder of the day off to recharge.

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Celebrating Canada’s Diversity

At Intuit, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an important part of our diverse and inclusive workplace. Far more than social clubs, our ERGs create a high-commitment, high-performing organization that encourages learning from role models, mentors and peers. They are essential to sustaining our vibrant and inclusive culture of celebration.

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