Intuit Great Place to Work 2020

Where Employees Can Feel the Customer Impact of Their Work

Inspiring & Caring

Inspiring Our People

Making a Difference

From their first day working at Intuit, we strive to offer our employees a differentiated experience that gives them purpose. We believe it makes a difference to know that your work is making a difference and place the customer at the heart of our work. This means that coming to work every day, our employees know they are working towards solving important problems for millions of customers.

Prosperity Hub Expansion in Canada

At Intuit, the proud maker of TurboTax, QuickBooks and Mint, we’re on a mission to power prosperity around the world, especially for those who need it most. The Prosperity Hub program is part of our new initiative that is accelerating the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world through its products and people. It is designed to spark durable economic growth to regional communities, in support of the small business and entrepreneurship ecosystem, through job creation and access to training. In October 2019, we announced the expansion of this program globally, starting in Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador.


Intuit’s mission is to Power Prosperity Around the World. We do this by creating a customer obsessed organization dedicated to building capabilities that address the financial challenges consumers face today. In August, fifty Canadian employees in Consumer Group immersed themselves in a day-long, galvanizing experience where they reflected and learned about what it will take to transform the way they work, partner and collaborate in order to attack the root causes preventing our customers from making ends meet.


With the company’s bold goals for 2025, the ProConnect Group set out to raise the bar on their accountability to these goals and to ensure that everyone on the team is aligned to a more deliberate set of behaviours. Therefore, the team planned a one day experience in October for all sites where the focus was on both the “what” and the “how” for this acceleration as a united team, all accountable to each other.

QuickBooks Connect Toronto

In December 2018, the Intuit QuickBooks team hosted its second annual QuickBooks Connect Toronto event. The conference included a week of activities from a developer hackathon, VIP and influencer events, accountant training, and an incredible 3-day experience that connected and fueled the success of small businesses, the self-employed, accounting professionals, developers and Intuit employees. As the only event of its kind for Canadian small businesses, it’s a key driver in helping 98% of the economy succeed.

This transformational and inspirational event provided a unique opportunity to create an immersive and collective experience, deepen relationships and build connections, gain insights and customer empathy, iterate on product offerings, and have fun! From inspiring and visionary speakers, energizing educational sessions, and engaging experiences, over 250 employees helped bring together the vision of inspiration, connection and learning to enable those who attended to take their business to the next level.

D4D Powering Tax Clinic Success

Canadian Tax Clinics were established to help alleviate the pressures and barriers that people with low incomes feel when attempting to file taxes. However, since their introduction, there have been dramatic shifts in the way people submit their taxes, the technology they have access to and the type of service they expect. Coupled with this, demand far outweighs supply as these clinics are staffed by volunteers with limited resources, leaving more and more people on both sides of the equation feeling frustrated.

With that in mind, Intuit Canada recently asked the question: How could we use D4D frameworks to reinvent Canadian tax clinics for a 2019 audience? As we investigated the barriers that people with low incomes feel when attempting to file taxes, the multitude of challenges faced by both sides quickly became clear. This led to rapid experiments with customers and the creation of a pilot program Intuit Canada is implementing alongside Prosper Canada and Woodgreen Community Services, centered around the leap of faith assumption that clients would agree to have their taxes done by a stranger when they are not at a clinic (therefore reducing the in-person, human-to-human interaction).

Prospering at Work and at Home

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

We believe that every employee should be able to bring their whole self to work. Diversity and inclusion isn’t just something we talk about. It’s part of who we are. Innovation thrives in a workforce that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top. We believe that inclusiveness drives empathy for our customers. That’s why we continuously strive to create a workforce that reflects the demographics of those we serve, helping us create products that solve important problems and exceed expectations.

Leading Inclusively at Intuit

We are taking the next steps in our journey to building inclusive leadership at Intuit. In April 2019, we launched “Leading Inclusively,” an in-person, interactive workshop for all people and functional managers across Intuit. Designed to support Intuit’s Safe, Ethical and Inclusive Work Environment priority, this experience strengths leadership skills and helps create an environment where we can all bring our whole self to work. Over 500 leaders have participated in the first three months of this program, which garnered an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80.

Pride Allies

The Intuit Ally Program is an employee run and founded Global initiative focusing on making the workplace a Safe Space for everyone and educating Allies. As we strive for equality and inclusion across all of our sites, Diversity and Inclusion is not just something we do - it is in our blood. Innovation thrives in a workforce that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets everyone bring their whole-selves to work each day. The reasons we have the Ally Program is because we have LGBTQ+ employees who are afraid and hide who they are each day coming into work out of fear. It is simply good business to foster your LGBTQ+ community and employees. Unfair treatment is the largest known driver for turnover in the tech industry. Studies have shown that 57% of employees would have stayed at a company if they had taken steps to make the culture fair and inclusive.


Intuit’s employees give a great deal of their time, energy, and brainpower to doing amazing things for our company and our customers. We know that this level of commitment can easily lead to a work-life imbalance in our employees’ lives and cause them to deprioritize activities that help them maintain their health and wellness. At Intuit, we strive to provide support for our employees as they manage day-to-day challenges and field life’s many curveballs. All the programs and amenities we offer are designed to help our employees prosper at work and at home and maintain their overall well-being. We believe we’re succeeding in fostering a caring, nurturing, and positive work environment.

We Care and Give Back

At Intuit, “We Care and Give Back” is not only a key company value, but it's a practice all of our employees are encouraged to undertake in both their work and home lives. As a company, Intuit helps communities directly while we also have policies in place that empower our talent to support causes that matter most to them. We provide all full-time employees with 32 hours per calendar year that they can take away from work to participate in volunteer causes of their choice.This year, both our Edmonton and Mississauga employees participated in our third annual “Week of Service,” an entire week dedicated to employees taking time from work to participate in prearranged volunteer opportunities.