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Intuit Education Program

Free Intuit software for educators and students. Whether you want to teach or become an accountant, bookkeeper, or entrepreneur, you’ll be prepared with Intuit products.


Features and benefits for educators

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Flexible for teaching

QuickBooks and ProFile can be incorporated into business, math, and entrepreneurship courses as well as finance, accounting, bookkeeping and tax programs.

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Complimentary software

Free, up-to-date software that engages students through hands-on practical application of theoretical learning.

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Access to resources

The Intuit education team is here to help select the right lecture presentations, classroom exercises and more for you and your students.

See why educators continue to choose QuickBooks Online

  • Digital transformation is driving change across all industries, and accounting and bookkeeping firms are no exception. 80% of small businesses are or will be using the cloud to conduct and manage their business by 2020.1
  • Candidates with QuickBooks Online skills are seen as bringing innovation and knowledge by employers.2
  • 7/10 educators believe that cloud accounting is the way of the future.2

Learn more about how to get with started as an educator with this guide

Choose your Intuit product

Free QuickBooks Online license

We know you spend countless hours preparing students for the future. What if you could help them develop real-world business skills to equip them for the workforce? Let Intuit Education help ready students to join the more than 7 million small businesses using QuickBooks, or start their own business by learning QuickBooks for free.

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Features and benefits for students

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Gain an edge in the job market

Gain industry-recognized skills and see accounting principles brought to life through real-world examples.

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Free industry standard software

Free, up-to-date software that engages you through the hands-on practical application of theoretical learning.

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Future proof your success

Intuit products are used by millions of people world wide, which maximizes your employment prospects.

See why students are choosing QuickBooks Online

Discover how Mohawk College listened to business, bookkeeping, and accounting firms looking for new hires. Learn how their QuickBooks Online course came to fruition and hear advantages from a student’s lens.

Choose your Intuit product

Free ProFile Premium Tax Software license

Learn how to use Canada’s #1 best selling accounting software.

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Student training videos and resources