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What if your students could learn real-world business skills before leaving the classroom? What if they could do it using the cloud accounting software used by over 7 million small businesses, QuickBooks? We’re here to make it happen.

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Current educators, students and staff at accredited Canadian educational institutions are eligible for free trials of Intuit software. Please register below to confirm your eligibility and get started.
  • Free QuickBooks Online license for educators

    We know you spend countless hours preparing students for the future. What if you could help them develop real-world business skills to equip them for the workforce? Let Intuit Education help ready students to join the more than 7 million small businesses using QuickBooks, or start their own business by learning QuickBooks for free.

    Free QuickBooks Online license for students

    There’s no time like the present for students to develop the skills for their future. Using QuickBooks, students can simulate a business or start a real one, learning real-world business skills like tracking income and expenses, creating reports, and more.

    Features and benefits

    With a 1-year trial of QuickBooks Online students can simulate a business or start a real one. They’ll learn real-world business skills like tracking income and expenses, creating reports, and more. They can even customize the experience with their favorite business apps, and get at their data anytime, anywhere with a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Reviewing options for teachers? Absolutely. Teachers can easily review their students’ files with QuickBooks Online Accountant.

  • Free ProFile Premium Tax Software license for educators

    Learn how to use Canada’s #1 best selling accounting software.

    Free ProFile Premium Tax Software license for students

    Learn how to use Canada’s #1 best selling accounting software.

Design for Delight

Intuit Education is bringing Design for Delight, Intuit’s innovation capability, to all students and educators for free.
  • What is Design for Delight?

    It’s our unique approach to problem-solving and innovation—our not-so-secret sauce that we’re eager to share with you and your students. More precisely, Design for Delight is a set of principles that gives students hands-on experience in creative problem solving. It gives students the tools to identify big unsolved problems, gain customer empathy, run quick experiments with actual customers, test assumptions, pivot if needed, and much more.

  • Why is it important for me?

    Design thinking has become a powerful business language used by many of the world’s most admired companies. It promotes complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and other skills highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report. It’s why Coursera lists design thinking as the most in-demand business skill for 2020.

  • Is this appropriate for my classroom?

    Design for Delight can be used in any classroom from kindergarten through post-secondary. Teachers most interested in it generally teach subjects such as business, entrepreneurship, project-based learning, and computer science, as well as after-school programs.

  • How does design thinking work?

    Get deep insights into design thinking from Diego Rodriguez, Intuit’s chief product and design officer, including the value of “building to think,” how design thinking benefits the world, and why you should immerse yourself in the design-thinking process.

Design for Delight Toolkit

Use the Design for Delight Toolkit to jumpstart innovation with your students. The Toolkit is a set of free downloadable files that are designed to help educators teach students the basics of design thinking in an interactive, problem-based format. Best suited for eighth grade and up, the Toolkit lets you choose materials for a customizable intro to design thinking, for longer-term projects, or both.

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