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Frequently asked questions

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  • What are the system requirements of the software?

    QuickBooks Online
    QuickBooks Desktop

  • How do I download the software?

    Downloading the software should be as simple as clicking the link in your welcome email while on the Windows computer that the software will be running on.

    In most cases, problems in completing an installation process, are caused by your security / anti-virus software. Try turning off your security until you have completed installation.

    If you continue to have difficulty, please look at the articles that match the problem you are having on the QuickBooks Desktop Canada Support page.

    Also, talking with your Instructor/Professor or classmates to see if you are doing something differently than they did can be helpful.

  • How do I download, install, and get started on ProFile?

    This article helps with ProFile downloading and installing questions, and this article helps with ProFile installation issues.

  • Why can I only choose QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition?

    The Intuit Education Program offers the QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition for learning.

    The Accountant Edition includes all QuickBooks features and is ideal for learning. By learning with the full featured version, you will recognize any other version that an employer or client may have in the future.

  • Why are some software versions not available?

    The Intuit Education Program is pleased to offer current state-of-the art accounting software for your benefit. We offer a specific list of software to remain current.

    Sometimes we have a request for software that is not on the currently available list. We are not able to offer versions other than what is available. If your class is calling for an earlier version, know that the earlier version's files can be converted to the current version. (One way only, so keep a backup before converting.) So that you will be able to do your assignments. You will not be able to pass the file to the instructor if they are running the older version of the software. If this is the case, please encourage your instructor / professor to request the free current version also.

    At this time we offer:
    QuickBooks Online (works with Windows, Mac & Tablets)
    QuickBooks Desktop 2017 (Windows Only)
    QuickBooks Desktop 2018 (Windows Only)
    QuickBooks Desktop 2019 (Windows only)
    ProFile Tax Year 2019 (Windows only)

    If you are in a QuickBooks desktop class and have a Mac running QuickBooks Online, you should be able to complete most, if not all, of the assignments. You will need to determine how the menus and processes are slightly different.

  • The software I received is not the software I expected.

    If the software you received is not what you expected (for example, you wanted QuickBooks Online and got ProFile tax software) please feel free to keep the software you have and request the software you want.

    Please submit a new request.

  • I already have another version of QuickBooks Desktop Software installed.

    If you already have another version of QuickBooks installed, you have the option to install a second version or upgrade. Note that the free version for students has a one-year license and is not for commercial use. If the other version is a paid "regular" license, replacing it may not make sense.

    See Install multiple QuickBooks versions on one computer for more information.

  • What is a Database Server Manager? Do I need it?

    The Database Server Manager is a part of QuickBooks. It is installed with QuickBooks and runs separately. Please allow it to be installed and continue installing QuickBooks.

    During the installation process, do not choose "Express Installation".

    For more information, see this article: What is the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  • I did not receive my access e-mail.

    We have verified that your original request was processed and sent to the same e-mail address used on this request. Please double check your SPAM filter to allow e-mail from IEPCANADA@INTUIT.COM

  • I received my access e-mail, but I cannot find it.

    Please double check your SPAM filter to allow e-mail from IEPCANADA@INTUIT.COM

  • I entered the wrong email. What do I do?

    Occasionally when signing up for the Intuit Education Program software the wrong e-mail address is entered on the request form. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within an hour of requesting the software, it possible that this has happened to you. Please check that our e-mail is not stuck in your SPAM filter first; and if it is not, re-request your desired software.

  • How do I set a safe sender list, or a SPAM filter?

    Use your favourite search engine to search for:
    How to check SPAM filter for
    How to set safe senders for
    Or, check with your Instructor / Professor or classmates.

  • What is student edition software? How long is the license good for?

    Intuit Education Program is pleased to support your career path by providing state of the art software. It is not a reduced function version.

    The QuickBooks software license is valid for a full year.

    The ProFile software license is valid until the end of the calendar year. If your license expires before you are finished with your class, you are welcome to request the new current version.


  • What company name should I use when registering software?

    When you register QuickBooks or ProFile you will be asked to complete information, just like a business owner who purchases the software.

    This is your educational version of the software. Please use your name, street address and e-mail address. This will give you the full experience of being a business owner using the software.

    For the company name, choose one that you like. If you started a business what would you call it? Use that. Have fun with the learning experience. Imagine how your future company would answer.

    (Note: You do not need to use your school's name.)

  • How long is an educational license good for?

    Your educational version of the software contains the full functionality that professionals enjoy. The time period for the license is set to one year from installation for QuickBooks; and the end of December 2020 for ProFile. Payroll for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 will be supported until June 30th, 2020. After June 30th, 2020 you will need to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2020 to continue using payroll.

  • My license will expire in under thirty days. What do I do?

    Registering the software activates your free student license. Please register it immediately.

  • How do I register the software?

    Register the software with the information from your welcome e-mail.

    You may be prompted to register or activate if QuickBooks was reinstalled on another computer (or on the same computer after the hard disk was reformatted).

  • QuickBooks Desktop

    1. From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Register QuickBooks.

    2. Click Begin Registration.

    3. Follow the prompts to complete the registration process. (If you cannot find the Validation Code you initially received, call the number displayed in the Register QuickBooks window.

  • I am having problems with registration.

    It is important to register your software early. Registering the software activates your free student license.

    Students need to register right away if they are using QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or later.

    It is much easier to register the software when you install it.

    You can find your license number on a sticker with your CD or by going to the Help menu and clicking My License Information.

    Tip - to verify that your copy of QuickBooks is registered:

    Go to the Help menu and select My License Informatio


    Press the F2 key when QuickBooks is open. The Product Information window displays either REGISTERED or UNREGISTERED.

    The Register QuickBooks option is available on the Help menu only if you have not yet registered your copy of QuickBooks. If it does not appear on the Help menu, then you have already registered this copy of QuickBooks.


  • I have questions about the curriculum.

    Intuit Education Program is pleased to support your career path and educational experience by providing state of the art software.

    Questions about how to use this software in your class and with your curriculum are best directed to your Instructor / Professor and even your classmates.

  • Can I use the desktop software (QuickBooks or ProFile) on multiple computers?

    The software provided for use in class comes with a single user license. A single user is able to use the software on one CPU at a time, moving the data files between a laptop and a desktop computer.

  • Does QuickBooks Online (QBO) work on a Mac?

    What browsers can I use to access QuickBooks Online? See What browsers can I use to access QuickBooks Online? for recommended browsers.

  • Can you run the software on a mac with a Windows Emulator?

    QuickBooks for Windows products are designed from the ground up to work on a PC with Windows installed. Customers have reported using a PC emulator, such as VMWare, Parallels, or Boot Camp to run QuickBooks for Windows on their Macs. This may decrease application performance in terms of speed and not all features may work as they were intended. Please be aware that Intuit has not tested the use of a QuickBooks for Windows product on the above mentioned PC emulators. We encourage you to research this approach to see whether it will work for you.

    Boot Camp is available in the latest version of OSX. Please see this Apple article for more information.

    Some of the differences between the Windows version and Mac version of QuickBooks can be found here: QuickBooks Windows vs. Mac: What's the difference?

    If this information does not answer your question, you can read discussions and post messages and questions relating to your issue on the Intuit QuickBooks Community site for free. You can contact an agent for additional guidance. Fees may apply.

  • How do I set up payroll?

    Your Instructor / Professor can help you set up the payroll sections you will be using in class.

    To read about the options, please explore the Employees & Payroll articles from the support pages for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

  • How do I keep the QuickBooks and Payroll up to date?

    See the article How to update QuickBooks.

  • How do I tell if I have the latest version of ProFile?

    This article describes how to verify if your copy of ProFile is the current version.

  • What QuickBooks Data Files do I need?

    Your instructor will cover what you need for your class. The information at the links below can help you expand your knowledge and look up specific details.

    How to use a QuickBooks Data File from an earlier version of QuickBooks.
    How to restore a QuickBooks backup file.
    List of QuickBooks data file types.

    You may want to keep copies of your QuickBooks data files for future reference. If you have a newer version of QuickBooks in the future you can update a copy of your data files to that version to refresh your memory on how some features / procedures work.

  • Steps to import your QuickBooks for Windows data file into QuickBooks Online:

    1. Download QuickBooks for Windows 2016 trial.
    2. Install QuickBooks for Windows 2016 trial and upgrade your data file. **Note: do the required backup in case you decide you want to remain in your previous QuickBooks for Windows version.
    3. In QuickBooks 2016, choose QuickBooks > Check for QuickBooks Updates and update to the latest revision. (If you don't see this option, you already have the updates! Go to next step.)
    4. After the update finishes, restart QuickBooks.
    5. Choose Company > Export Your Company File to QuickBooks Online.Then, once we successfully copy and import your data, we'll send you an email. From there, sign in to see your data and start working.

    Refer to our QuickBooks Online Tutorials website for helpful guides and videos to help you get started.

    **Note: If you have no way to complete the steps above to import your data from your computer, please contact us for assistance at 800.488.7330.