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We are on a learning journey

A data-backed approach guides decisions in best form

Saurabh Saxena

I would like to highlight how effortlessly we transitioned to hybrid work. Recently, we declared a hybrid work model that will be our forward approach. We seek to be a company with a nimble and flexible work environment. One thing I totally love about Intuit is our learning mindset. There is no playbook written to tell us how it should be done.

Saurabh Saxena Intuit India Site Leader and Vice President–Product Development, Small Business and Self Employed Group

The path forward is hybrid

We learned a lot since going fully virtual. We apply Design for Delight to introduce an intuitive and inclusive collaboration experience in a hybrid workspace. Truth is, we seek to learn and understand the dynamics of coming together after more than a year to achieve big in the new normal. In doing so, we hope to produce a happier and productive workforce.

Dedicate to approximately 100 million customers

The Accessibility and Inclusive Design team transforms how we build products and support diverse customers. The important work of embedding accessibility into our design requirements and code reviews resulted in hundreds of product improvements in FY’21. We develop a set of anti-discriminatory and anti-racist language guidelines to apply across our platform, for a systemic change.

An ongoing focus on pay equity

Twice a year, we conduct a global comprehensive analysis, make adjustments, and share the results to hold ourselves accountable and ensure continuous improvement. We have a team to ensure our employees have an equal opportunity to thrive in their careers.

Embrace community involvement

Our resources support various social causes. We sponsor girl child education, drive donation campaigns, build NGO partnerships and give back to the community. The We Care and Give Back team is driving actions to deepen community involvement where it matters most.

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Employee Speak

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Right from the start, I knew Intuit was going to impact my learning experience. I am allowed to take ownership of tasks and tap into my highest potential in the workplace. The leadership team is approachable and gives time for employees to settle into the system. I joined Intuit when work from home was the norm, but they helped me to cope with virtual.
Amol Singh
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We were encouraged to take time off from work if we needed to. leaders ensure that employee well-being is top priority during Covid. Huge initiatives were taken to make work from home more productive. We were provided with the right support during Covid. Efforts like no meeting afternoons, medical help, Covid support groups helped us recharge and rejuvenate.
Shalaka Somani