We assume best intent and do the right thing

Show integrity without compromise

Anshuman Kumar

At Intuit, we make it a point to identify potential challenges or pain points. To be aware and respond to them is the first step toward building trust. We believe in giving ownership to employees. The culture of empowerment and ambassadorship has helped us scale. Thanks to our employee groups and ambassadors for amplifying our virtual experience.

Anshuman Kumar Director, Global Brand and Communications

Leadership that warrants trust

When a tough call needs to be made—leaders do it with compassion. They are not afraid to be vulnerable and exhibit a form of openness. The leadership style allows employees to thrive and be their true selves in the workplace. Leaders ensure transparent communication and constant dialogue with employees on Slack, townhalls, emails, and other op-mechs.

Voice of employee is heard

Our culture is founded on listening to the voices of our people. Twice a year, we carry out an Employee Pulse Survey to understand their sentiments toward the company and identify areas of opportunity. We hear directly from employees in their Intuit journey to make sure they feel supported by senior leadership.

Build on skills, values and expertise

We believe that the more diverse we are, the better we can serve our approximately 100 million customers; positively impact our communities; and build empathy. We created a primer for our talent acquisition team to watch out for any unconscious bias. We want to make sure the hiring decision is made based on ​skills, values​​ and expertise.

A safe space to feel empowered

We continue to provide world-class care to employees despite long months of virtual communication. Support through HR Connect, POSH, ethics and complaints help us create and sustain a safe space. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of retaliation. Training and resources are provided to build employee awareness of compliance related mandates.

We shape people's experiences in the workplace

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Assessing for Awesome

A pertinent factor that helps us achieve a best-in-class workforce is our hiring process, known as Assessing for Awesome (A4A). Candidates who not only crack the interview but also those who don’t appreciate the A4A experience. We believe all candidates should feel respected and be given constructive feedback to grow.

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360-degree onboarding

Our diversity efforts to sustain a collaborative culture has made our new hires feel productive and energized early on in their job roles. In the first 90 days, they will connect with their managers and teams to get immersed into our incredible culture. Most of all, they will gain clarity into the work and how they fit in.

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Assign a buddy

Research shows that new hires are 95% more productive if a buddy engages with them 9 or more times in their first 90 days. We believe that having a collaborative culture strengthens our circle of trust. We have a buddy assigned for each new employee to provide a fresh perspective and supplement training with personal experience.

Employee Speak

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I joined Intuit in 2013. In the last 8 years, I have been part of many teams contributing to various projects. Intuit has a great culture of trust and respect. It seeks to provide equal opportunity for everyone in the workplace to grow. Our leadership has always empowered me to build and deliver best-in-class products for our customers with continuous coaching and mentorship.
Raghavendra SC
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I experienced exceptional support from my colleagues and leadership team which strengthened my trust in the company. Intuit ensured that employees can work comfortably in virtual by providing all the ergonomic furniture support. I received full support from my team, manager and leaders when I tested positive for Covid. I thank everyone at Intuit for making it a great place to work.
Sachin Maheshwari