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We innovate in the core

Drive experiments, code better and measure domain expertise

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Everything at Intuit—from our leadership vision to innovation principles contribute to our ways of doing things that result in real improvements for our business performance. As part of our culture, we encourage employees to take time to learn, observe and understand the problem before they can identify a solution. With a goal to develop Intuit India as a Centre of Innovation and Engineering Excellence, we are building a culture that nurtures tech talent.

Sudatta Gautam Director - Product Development, Virtual Expert Platform & Go-To-Market and Experimentation

A centre of innovation and excellence

Intuit India is developing as a centre of innovation and engineering excellence. The teams are significantly contributing across the desktop ecosystem with TurboTax Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop. Every employee is expected to think like an entrepreneur, and it is everyone’s job to create, invent, and build new innovations.

Product creators identify opportunities

We refer to the characteristics of successful products studied by co-founder Scott Cook as the principles of Customer Driven Innovation. We use them to make decisions about the opportunities to pursue, solutions to further invest in, and areas likely to be less fruitful. Our strategy for the future aligns with Customer Driven Innovation and our product creators apply them every day.

Design for Delight is how we work

Deep thinking was the methodology Scott Cook needed to drive his innovation efforts. With that, Design for Delight was born. The concept is where we take a company of thousands of people, and break them down into small, passionate, cross functional teams. The approach comprises three principles:

  1. Deep Customer Empathy
  2. Go Broad to Go Narrow
  3. Rapid Experimentation with Customers

End-to-end outcomes for big wins

We create value through new business opportunities like QuickBooks Online Advanced. The teams across Consumer Group, Small Business and Self Employed Group, and Intuit Platform deliver collaborative innovations that accelerate deliverables from weeks to minutes—moving from legacy technology to modern cloud platform.

Our technologists love to innovate

Hiring Coding Challenge

Developers from various backgrounds in seek of new jobs can participate in our coding challenge. The partner platform reaches out to audience through social media and online ads. The hiring challenge was assessed and approved by Intuit’s engineers. Our first Intuit Hiring Coding Challenge in partnership with Geektrust adds value to 350+ open roles at Intuit India.

Global Engineering Days

Global Engineering Days is a time for technologists at Intuit to focus on areas of passion. Perhaps, a bug they are eager to fix, a feature they want to add, a tool they need to integrate, and a flow that needs fixing. It is an opportunity for the teams to hone their tech skills and bring new ideas to life.


TechCon is a great opportunity for technologists at Intuit to learn from each other, explore outside perspectives, have meaningful discussions and deep-dive inon our strategy. In 2021, the event focused on data and AI-first, self-serve maturity, and One Intuit Platform capabilities to enable growth, accelerate our 2025 vision, and achieve our Big Bet goals.

Employee Speak

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Intuit encourages its employees to innovate. I participated in Intuit Innovation Week and Global Engineering Days which allowed me to work on ideas that were not on our team's roadmap. I dedicated time to these initiatives and it helped me to dive deep into the D4D process. I was able to execute quickly for customers by working with a cross-functional, cross-location team.
Tilak Vaidya
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Developers are encouraged to explore their customers’ problems and leverage innovation to solve them. I loved the current Global Engineering Days theme: Escape from the Monoliths. It gave me an opportunity to capitalize on my engineering spirit and work on a customer-driven problem statement. Other Intuit powered events like Hacktoberfest drive innovation too.
Sanjana Goel