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We are off to a great start

Leaders ensure business continuity at all times


We believe everybody is a leader in the workplace. We have gone through a cascading process with the leadership playbook. It starts with the vice president and other senior leaders to directors who participate in sessions—and cascade their knowledge to respective teams. The One Intuit Forum provides critical information about the company’s performance for leaders.

Sundar Balasubramanian Vice President and Segment Leader for Small Business and Self-Employed Group

Backed by visionary leadership

Leaders understand the importance of intersecting the tech world with the human world to maximize business outcomes. They set clarity on where we need to invest to accelerate change and the skills we need to deliver on our mission. This points to three critical areas which will reflect the biggest changes—technology organization, customer success and sales.

Intuit CEO, Sasan Goodarzi

A dynamic approach to crisis management

We performed well despite the new era ushered in by Covid-19—thanks to the leadership team. The pandemic is a unique challenge in its own right. The India Covid-19 taskforce, global Covid Program Leadership team and the India leadership team joined forces to action on a set of guiding principles. We ensure employee well-being and extend support in all forms.

Strategic investments for greater outcomes

Leaders drive strategic acquisitions despite a fundamental shift—and align the company to invest in what is most important for future growth. We continue to invest in our most strategic areas for game-changing, innovative solutions. To that end, the three guiding principles are:

  1. Focus on Big Bets
  2. Prioritize the most important work
  3. Act with compassion

Take the legacy forward

Succession planning identifies roles and high-performing talent to transition into leadership. The focus is to grow the executive pool, create visibility and share accountability. Leaders meets twice a year to align and form a shared understanding of the successor pool. We build leadership commitment for the next in line leaders to take on the toughest fights.

We sharpen leadership skills in more ways than one

VP Leadership Lab

Cohorts of 5 to 7 VPs meet three times over the course of two months to discuss the Intuit Leadership Playbook and learn from each other and senior leaders.

Director Leadership Lab

Cohorts of 12 to 16 directors meet three times over the course of two months to engage in conversations; work through common scenarios and case studies as a group; and social hours with senior leaders such as Sasan Goodarzi, Brad Smith, and members of Sasan’s executive staff.

Leading Inclusively

Leading Inclusively training has been designed for all employees and function managers. For employees, the training is a 28 minute interactive, scenario based learning with leader teachers exploring the Leading Inclusively Framework.

Employee Speak

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I have been fortunate to be part of Intuit. Despite the looming pandemic, the company’s employee-first approach has ensured we receive sustained support from the leadership team—such as family support time, vaccination drive in the Intuit campus, recharge days and supplemental sick leave. I am grateful for the leadership team’s relentless efforts in ensuring our well-being and business continuity.
Karan Bagaria
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Intuit has done immense work to ensure that employees get physical, mental and financial support during the pandemic. There were continuous dialogues between employees and the leadership teams to ensure we perform well without having to compromise on our well-being. It has been a great learning experience for all of us—and shows how we operate as One Intuit.
Shashank Shekhar Singh