We seek to be an equal opportunity employer

Attract and nurture diverse talent


We are committed to our people. We give them a myriad of opportunities to explore, learn and grow. It also means creating a safe space where everyone can be their true selves and do the best work of their lives. Our values and true north goals strongly indicate that we are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Jharna Thammaiah Director and India P&P Site Leader

A self-owned approach to career development

We launched a career growth framework for employees to drive business outcomes and enhance customer experiences. It is a continuous process of developing, exploring and improving skills. Twice a year, employees and managers are expected to align and co-create the former’s career development plan. We encourage employees to fail fast and learn faster, reflect on their progress, and celebrate the wins.

A culture of learning and questioning

Our leaders foster a culture of learning to deepen employees’ know-how. We function as One Intuit globally—and most of our learning and career development programs have been online even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Employees have access to various platforms like Degreed, Udemy, SafariBooksOnline, getAbstract and Pluralsight to learn about critical competencies.

Unplug from work to recharge and reflect

We declared Recharge Days and Juneteenth Day for employees to take time out from work. This is an effort to preserve their mental health and help them return to work feeling refreshed. Recharge Days allow employees to take time off in July, November and the last week of December. In addition, we have 10 fixed and 2 floating holidays.

Recognitions have direct effect on employee morale

We embrace unique contributions that every employee brings forward each day. Our timely recognitions and appreciation have a positive impact on their productivity. Our innovation awards honor breakthroughs that delight employees and customers alike. Intuit India Annual Awards and Intuit India Super Star Awards are examples of our recognitions.

We align, learn and grow

Career Growth Month

The focus is for employees to go deeper into their goal-setting and career development at Intuit. We have extensive resources to support employees in achieving their goals. Our career growth framework and craft skills help to envision, plan, and work toward their career trajectories. Each craft area has a single, unified set of skills to drive high-impact outcomes.

Performance Improvement Plan

Every employee is an asset to Intuit. We extend beyond monthly check-ins, year-end talent and pay discussions when employees don’t meet expectations. Engaging in difficult conversations is critical to help them achieve success. Some of the corrective steps taken by managers include working with HR Connect to determine the best course of action.

Harvard Business Review

iLead team announced the Harvard Business Review digital subscription for all managers. Managers can explore world-class articles, videos, and other materials using the subscription. Their output is anticipated to be positive on the back of having access to the best and latest resources. They can also learn how to apply concepts to grow in their careers.

Employee Speak

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Intuit taps into every employee’s potential through training and practice. The company allows everyone to experiment. Not only does it improve employees’ skills but caters to their overall development. Global Engineering Days, Hackathon, War Rooms are good examples to show. Monthly training calendars, practice sessions, tech-bytes and tech community discussions also maximize our potential.
Neeraj Gang
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We fall in love with customer problems and implement new ideas to achieve customer delight. Intuit hosts a myriad of annual events which encourage employees to participate in discussions, learn, design and implement. During the last Global Engineering Days, we captured developer pain points in the platform and produced out-of-the-box ideas to provide a world class self-service experience to developers.
Rashmi G S