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Values honor our history

Create a sense of belonging at a company-wide level

Sumanta Das

At Intuit, we have five core values. Of them, two are Integrity Without Compromise and We Care and Give Back. They are foundational values that haven’t changed since the beginning of Intuit. The remaining three refreshed values are Courage, Customer Obsession, and Stronger Together. I have to say, Courage is unique to us because it is often not seen in other organizations.

Sumanta Das Director Product Development, QuickBooks Online

We are purpose-driven

Our values guide us in delivering on our strategy and mission of powering prosperity around the world. Our leaders work together to assess values and chart a path forward. We empower employees to bring their whole selves to work and do the best work of their lives.

  1. Integrity without Compromise
  2. Courage
  3. Customer Obsession
  4. Stronger Together
  5. We Care and Give Back

Big Bets create a company-wide movement

Our grand vision known as Big Bets is a huge source of inspiration. They help us understand customer pain-points and innovate products to delight customers. Each Big Bet is built on the premise of a problem statement—and solutions are identified to help teams deliver compelling results. The leadership continues to reiterate the five Big Bets through various forums and communications.

Align with True North Goals

We are rigorously embedding our diversity, equity and inclusion work across the organization to deliver against our goals. This even includes specific representation in our company-wide True North Goals for women in technology roles and underrepresented minorities in the workforce. We believe that employee representation is important to help us deliver for customers and fulfill our mission.

Action toward equity is long-standing

Diversity, equity and inclusion have always been part of our DNA. We are rigorously embedding our DEI work across the company and working to deliver against our overall goals. We invest in creating equitable opportunities across employee groups and levels. Diversity recruiting and sustained focus on pay equity are strong examples of our commitment to build equitable talent practices.

Our values define who we are

We fall in love with customers’ problems

Employees are customer obsessed and focus on innovation. We continuously reinvent our technology teams and encourage them to stay ahead of the curve. Our Innovation Catalysts guide employees to be innovators of the future through various techniques. Our Customer Connect helps employees connect with customers to build empathy and gain insights.

Vocal leadership is a sign of courage

Leaders made strategic decisions in acquisitions despite the pandemic. We acquired Mailchimp which was a massive step forward in accelerating Big Bet 4, to become the center of small business growth; and Big Bet 5, to disrupt the small business mid-market. Adding Mailchimp alongside TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Credit Karma positions us strongly to deliver on our mission.

Stronger together as One Intuit

Diverse perspectives and ideas help teams to deliver awesome results for customers. We invest in programs and initiatives that foster an inclusive culture at Intuit. We recognize examples of our stronger together mindset through Brad D. Smith Life is a Team Sport award—celebrating the Intuit culture.

Employee Speak

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We show integrity without compromise. At Intuit, I see a great deal in values and there is respect toward every individual in the company. I joined Intuit in September 2015, and experienced a dynamic culture with people showing great values in the workplace. Backed by strong values and leadership, the company helps individuals to grow alongside each other.
Badrish Panikesari
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Powering prosperity around the world is a priority at Intuit. One of the interesting things about the company is its inclusive culture. We have a transparent leadership, people-first culture and bold customer goals that help employees bring their authentic selves to work and build great products. After all, the most valuable part of being in any workplace is the people and the culture.
Vinodh Palaniappan