We promise to protect your privacy

As technology advances, so do our privacy practices. We keep our customers at the center of our innovation as we create new ways to keep you and your data safe.

Privacy in action

Here are a few ways we keep you in control of your data while you use our offerings.

Download data

You can request to download a copy of all your data we have stored right from your Intuit Account. We’ll send you a link to download it and include a guide that helps explain what it all is.

Delete data

You’re also able to request that we delete your data from one or many offerings. We walk you through selecting the data you want to remove, and let you know how it’ll affect your account.

Marketing preferences

Hear from us all the time, never again, or only when something major happens in your account. You’re in control of how and when we reach out to you.

Being transparent

When you use our services, we give you choices on how and when we share your data and how we use it to keep in touch with you.

How we use your data

We save all the data you share with us (except your TurboTax tax preparation information) to your centralized Intuit Account, not just to the offering(s) you use. This keeps all of your data protected in one place and lets us do the hard work for you when you ask us to – like filling out loan applications for you with the info we know, or giving a tax expert a bird’s eye view of your financial situation, so you can get the help you need quickly.
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We’ll never sell your personal information

We believe helping you to power your prosperity includes keeping the data you share with us safe. We promise to never sell your personal information, and to give you transparency and control over how your data is shared.