Finding community and collaboration at Intuit

Product Manager Rackeb Mered began her Intuit career in our Rotational Product Management Program (RPM). She appreciated being empowered to explore opportunities in a company that values a sense of community, which is an important part of her life’s journey. Keep reading and find out why.

smiling woman
smiling woman

As a child of Ethiopian immigrants, I grew up in a very community-oriented culture that stressed collaboration and togetherness. I wanted that same sense of community in my career which is why during my senior year of college I was instantly drawn to Intuit’s Rotational Product Management (RPM) Program. I loved that it’s exploratory and also has a focus on growing a community for early career product managers to build their foundational skills. 

From my first day, I could tell that the RPM Program, and Intuit as a whole, fosters a similar sense of community that I’ve always known and loved. The people here are incredibly encouraging and supportive.

My Rotational Product Management Program journey so far

In the early days of working at Intuit, I was a product manager for the QuickBooks Self Employed (QBSE) team. I led our QBSE tax time readiness work where we help customers streamline the tax prep process at the end of the year and maximize deductions. 

This past September, I rotated to the Get Paid Upfront (GPU) team which is an invoice financing product that helps small to medium sized businesses get an advance on eligible invoices they’ve sent to their customers. It’s a newer product that has only been around since 2021, so it’s been fun getting to work through various innovative ideas and opportunities to grow this product. 

A sense of community throughout

Intuit as a company also works hard to ensure that our culture is inclusive. We have messaging channels and communities we can participate in that focus on inclusivity and belonging. We have 14 Employee Resource Groups (ERG) that host meetings and events to help foster a sense of community among those who identify as a specific demographic and their respective allies. It’s really inspiring to see how many employees participate in our ERGs and the value they receive from being part of these communities.

As I continue to spend more time in the RPM program, I’m grateful for all of the training and community that have helped me navigate challenges as an early career Product Manager. Each time I’ve reached a roadblock or needed help thinking through an issue, there have been several teammates more than willing to brainstorm with me and help me figure out next steps.  Overall, I have just had awesome PMs across the board who are willing to mentor and coach me. That has been the true Intuit difference for me.

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