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The Real Pete + Pari – Megha L.S.

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When we created the characters of Pete + Pari for “A Giant Story,” we grabbed inspiration from those closest to us – Intuit employees and our customers. Here is a real life story behind the inspiration for Pari.

Meet Megha. She’s a full stack developer at Intuit India who started as an intern and has grown her career with us over the past four years. This is her prosperity story.


Intuit: Tell us about your role at Intuit.

Megha: I’ve been a full stack developer on the QuickBooks Online (QBO) team for over three years, focusing on taxes in the US division. My goal is to make taxes as simple as possible for customers based on customer feedback.

Intuit: How did you end up at Intuit?

Megha: I received a bachelors in engineering from PES Bangalore. After graduating, I interned at Intuit for 6 months. I loved the team and culture, so it seemed like a no-brainer to join permanently following the internship.

Intuit: What about your role gets you most excited to come into work each day?

Megha: Intuit cares about your career path. I was able to move around from the front-end to the back-end, and now I work in the full stack. My favorite part of my job is interacting with customers and making a positive impact on their lives.

Intuit: What did you think of the film?

Megha: It was one of the best brand-made films I have ever seen. I really liked the Giant as a metaphor for Intuit and hope customers see that we are trying to make their lives simpler through our products.

Intuit: What aspect of Pari’s character do you identify most with?

Megha: Pari’s problem-solving nature. Pari sees Pete struggling in his business and builds the drone to water the plants. She then realizes the numbers and paperwork are his biggest problem, which is the same problem I try to solve in my role at Intuit. I’m building the small pieces of the  Giant in the QBO group.

Intuit: What’s your real-life ‘Giant’ invention?

Megha: I am currently working on automatic tax calculations for customers. Previously, customers would have to keep track of when a tax rate is updated in their state, and enter it manually. With this tool, the tax rate automatically comes up. Before you had to manually add each tax rate. It’s been great to hear feedback from customers saying how much time they are saving through automatic tax calculations.

Intuit: How does Intuit help you power prosperity in your day-to-day role?

Megha: Prosperity is about giving time back to the small business owner so that they can focus on what they like to do: running their business. With our products, they don’t need to spend as much time on the numbers, leave that to us! I feel a sense of achievement knowing that I am saving time for my customers.

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