Identifying Authentic Intuit Software

Make sure you have authentic Intuit-manufactured CDROMs

Beginning July 2005, all U.S. versions of Intuit's Quicken®, QuickBooks® and TurboTax® desktop software have an authenticity hologram on the inner ring of each CDROM. This new hologram shows the "Intuit" logo changing into the word "Authentic" as you tilt the disc under light. The hologram is present on all authentic discs that have been manufactured by Intuit or its authorized manufacturing partners.


If you don't see this hologram on a disc you obtained, that disc may be counterfeit and may expose your computer to significant risks.


To find out more about the risks of installing and using software from counterfeit discs, please visit Intuit's piracy information page.


To report someone who you believe is selling counterfeit CDROMs, please visit our piracy reporting page.


Common Questions:

Will this hologram prevent me from making a back-up copy of my software?
No. This hologram has no effect on your ability to make copies of the software. However, as always, your creation and/or use of any back-up copy is governed by the terms of the software's end-user license agreement.


Will this hologram somehow track my copy of the software by monitoring where or how I use, install or re-install the software?
No. This hologram does NOT, in any way, track any user activity or send any information back to Intuit or anyone else. It is solely a physical, visual authenticity feature placed on our CDROMs to help our customers and retail partners identify Authentic Intuit discs---and avoid counterfeit discs.


I unwittingly purchased a counterfeit disc through an online auction site. What should I do now?
You should immediately consider doing three things:

  • avoiding the use of the counterfeit disc in your computer's CDROM drive;
  • reporting the incident to the auction site where you purchased the disc; and
  • reporting the incident to Intuit using this online form.


You may also decide to report the incident to law enforcement authorities in the area where the online seller is located. This could be especially important if you believe the seller is engaged in ongoing counterfeiting activity.

QuickBooks® License Labels

When purchasing QuickBooks software, you can always look at the License Label that came with your software to help determine whether you have obtained a legitimate, valid license for, and copy of, QuickBooks software. Beginning October, 2004, all authentic CDROM discs containing QuickBooks software are accompanied by an official License Label which contains the following features:

  • a license number for the software;
  • a product number for the software; and
  • a unique authenticity feature on the right end of the label which contains the Intuit logo, and which changes color (from red to brown to green) as you tilt the label under bright light.


To find out more about the risks of installing and using software from counterfeit discs, please visit Intuit's software piracy information page.


To report someone who you suspect is selling or distributing counterfeit software, please visit our piracy reporting page.