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Intuit is guided by our values in everything we do

Intuit uses AI to help solve your most pressing problems and help you make insightful financial decisions. We automate and personalize your experience to help put more money in your pocket with less work, while giving you confidence in your actions and decisions. We’ve been working with AI for years, and we’re further integrating it into our financial technology platform to help power your prosperity.

Our responsible AI principles guide how we operate and scale our AI-driven expert platform responsibly.

Powering prosperity

We develop and deploy AI to power prosperity around the world for consumers, small businesses, and self-employed individuals.

We provide you access to credit and capital, help you get paid faster, and offer personalized insights for you to make better financial decisions.

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Enhancing human talent

We build AI that works hand-in-hand with people to help them do their jobs better.

Much of our AI functions as decision support systems, helping both our customers and financial experts make insightful financial decisions. We also use AI to remove drudgery by automating repetitive tasks so customers can focus on the work they love and be more productive.

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We strive to use AI to improve the financial lives of everyone, including those who have historically been excluded from access to financial services.

As AI becomes increasingly intertwined with our daily lives, we recognize its potential to cause unintended or harmful impacts. Through our internal governance, we'll strive to address those impacts in the experiences we deliver using our AI. We'll also work with third-party organizations across industry, policy, and academia to help address these difficult issues.

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We follow a thoughtful approach to ensure the responsible use of our AI.

We operationalize our AI principles through a governance model designed to identify risk and prevent potential identified harms. Our multidisciplinary approach to governance includes internal review, executive-level oversight through our AI Governance Committee, employee training, and channels for stakeholder feedback.

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We strive for the right level of transparency and explainability in our AI.

When making this determination, we take into account the intended use of our AI and the impact to our customers. In some cases, we provide an explanation of factors that go into our AI decisions within the product experience.

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Privacy and security

Our commitment to privacy and security extends to our AI systems.

Our AI systems use data to create meaningful financial insights and predictions, while protecting the privacy and security of your data.

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