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International young team work taking a selfie in creative office - Group of multiracial students using digital devices.

What does ally mean in the workplace?

What does “ally” mean? To some, it may just be a buzzword you see used at work, in tv shows,…

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A professional headshot of a smiling woman with short brown hair. A woman in a red coat poses in front of celebratory red and yellow decorations.

Building Inclusion: How our Asia Pacific Network creates purposeful connection

As a billion people around the world are preparing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we’ve partnered with the global…

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A diverse group of people on stage with a background reading, "Technology as an innovative catalyst for people with disabilities.:

Why accessibility matters—and how to make it work

Accessibility in innovation should be top of mind for present-day developers. 

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Portrait of Asian blind person woman in wireless earphones using smart phone with voice accessibility technology for persons with disabilities in office workplace.

Four easy ways to make your content more accessible

In honor of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, take a few minutes to learn how to…

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Intuit Again returnship interns smiling at the camera

Do you have a gap in your tech career? Here’s why you should consider a returnship program

A return internship can work for individuals who were away from the workforce for a spell. Here are three reasons…

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How military service developed this leader’s skills and her advice to grow your career

Two years into her career with Intuit, Ashley Millbern enlisted in the US Navy Reserves. Ahead of Veterans Day, Ashley…

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The career advice generation alpha and young adults need to hear

Social media can make everything look easy.  When a friend or connection posts that they landed their dream job or…

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How to bounce back to work after a career break

A career break doesn’t mean a growth break.  Whether it was self-imposed for health, wellness, or family reasons– or from…

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