Finding a mentor: When, where, and how

In this third blog in our mentoring women in technology blog series, we’ll talk about the different types of mentors,…

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Various happy individuals gathered around a computer screen.

Velocity Hacks: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

In today's fast-paced world, the rate of change might feel like being on a busy freeway or chasing the speed…

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11 things we’ve learned about using AI together

While some companies are struggling to upskill their workforce, Intuit is staying a step ahead by equipping employees with AI…

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Closing the gap for women in tech: why mentorship matters

In this first blog in our mentoring women in technology series, learn about how you can find a mentor in…

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Women in Data Science Conference collage

How one conference is changing the landscape for women in data science in Israel

With recent headlines focusing on ‌tech hiring sprees and lack of representation of minority populations, a study by inclusivity advocate…

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How to make the most of being a mentee

When Dayna Kesten, a Staff Business Data Analyst, first joined the Intuit Israel Individual Contributor (IC) Mentoring Program as a…

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Intuit Welcomes Imvision

Intuit announces acquisition of Imvision

Intuit announced today it has completed the acquisition of Imvision, a market leader in API security technology for enterprises. Based…

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Female Intuit employee smiling with her daughter

Intuit Israel ranked in the top 10 best high tech companies for parents

Intuit places the comfort, health and wellbeing of our employees first and foremost. When the pandemic hit last year, we…

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