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Intuit’s Values Get a Refresh

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Earlier this week, Intuit announced a new set of values that will guide the company’s operations into the next evolution.

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi unveiled the new values at the annual State of the Company event earlier this week. Some of the values remain the same — namely, Integrity Without Compromise and We Care and Give Back. There are some new additions, too, such as Customer Obsession and Stronger Together.

The refreshed values are fewer in number (five instead of eight), representing a distillation of the most meaningful values at the core of Intuit’s identity. They honor Intuit’s history and will continue to guide the company in delivering on its mission and strategy, as well as steering its day-to-day activities.

The new values were rolled out as Goodarzi passes the 18-month mark as CEO — a role he assumed in January 2019 after taking the baton from Brad Smith.

The new values will be pervasive at Intuit. Over the coming months, they’ll underpin the company’s most important decisions and its strategy. They’ll show up in the way new candidates are interviewed and in how colleagues are recognized, in goal setting, inclusivity training, and more.