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France Gender Equality Index

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At Intuit, we’re committed to building a culture of transparency as part of a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment where our employees can do the best work of their lives. 

Pay equity is fundamental to our diversity and inclusion strategy. We have an equal pay for equal work philosophy where no one should be paid less than others doing the same work with the same skills, regardless of gender or race.

This is our second year working on a pay equity initiative for France through France’s Gender Equality Index Reporting. 

The index is comprised of four indicators that make up a total potential score of 100:

  1. Pay gap between women and men;
  2. Salary increase gap between women and men;
  3. Percentage of employees who benefited from an increase in the year following their return of maternity leave;
  4. Number of female employees among the 10 employees who received the highest remuneration.

In our most recent survey this year, Intuit France has received an index score of 72/100 (compared to 84 last year). We are not satisfied with this score, and recognize that achieving pay equity is a job that’s never done, which is why we monitor it rigorously. 

We have completed the analysis to better understand our current index score. We did lose 15 available points because we did not have any employees take maternity leave in 2020. In addition, last year our sales team was excluded from the analysis because we had low female representation. We have made strides to remedy this issue and feel confident about the positive path forward we are on.

As part of our company’s “True North Goals” we’re committed to increasing the percentage of women in technology, as well as the percentage of our total workforce composed of underrepresented minorities.

In France, to help accelerate equity internally, together in partnership with our CSE Works Council, we have set goals to hold ourselves accountable for results and have made significant progress. We believe that these actions will help us continue on our journey to improve equity among our employees.

  • Actively partnering with leadership to increase hiring for technical and sales roles by ensuring we have a diverse candidate pool– 60% of hires (for all roles) were women in the past year
  • Enhanced recruiting process that ensures we have at least one female candidate in every slate 
  • Quarterly review of female compensation to ensure they are inline with market comparisons. We will make specific efforts in our sales organization as that is where we saw the largest gap between male and female.
  • Monitor any employees return from maternity leave, ensuring they are eligible for a pay increase during year-end evaluations 
  • And lastly, conduct detailed exit interviews to identify trends and update policies as needed

We will continue our commitment to sustaining pay equity and transparently sharing best practices to drive societal and industry wide improvements. This commitment underscores our values-based culture where we believe we are “Stronger Together” when we create a workforce with an inclusive environment representative of our diverse customers.