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France Gender Equality Index

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Intuit’s mission is to power prosperity around the world. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to prosper, but we know opportunities aren’t evenly distributed. This is why we invest in pay equity efforts, including working with external advisors and developing action plans to give the underrepresented equal opportunity.

At Intuit, we’re committed to building a culture of transparency as part of a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment where our employees can do the best work of their lives. This includes conducting pay equity analyses twice a year, comparing pay by gender in each job code where we have enough employees to do so. When we find unexplained differences in pay rates between employees performing the same job, we make adjustments. As of August 1, 2019, after the adjustments, Intuit had zero statistically significant differences between employees of different gender or ethnicity within the job codes we could analyze.

We are proud of these results, but our work is far from done. We are continuously working toward our goal of pay equity for women and minorities. That’s one of the reasons why our CEO signed the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion. To date, we’ve shared six case studies that can be accessed by anyone on our best practices for diversity and inclusion, and we have four more studies scheduled to be submitted in early 2020. In addition to the CEO Action Pledge, we are sponsors and signatories of the Parliament 51 Pledge for Gender Equality. 

We comply with all country specific requirements in the countries we operate in, and continue to look at salary, bonuses, and upward mobility, through the guidance of evolving global standards and other leading experts. 

As Intuit’s French team has grown, we are reporting our index score for the first time in 2020. The index is comprised of four indicators that make up a total potential score of 100:

  1. Pay gap between women and men;
  2. Salary increase gap between women and men;
  3. Percentage of employees who benefited from an increase in the year following their return of maternity leave;
  4. Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees who received the highest remuneration.

Intuit France has achieved an index score of 84/100. This result encourages us to continue and build upon the actions we are already taking to advance equality and diversity at Intuit. 

But our vision to ensure equity does not stop with pay. We hold ourselves accountable to sustaining pay and promotion equity and transparently sharing our best practices to drive societal and industry-wide improvements.

In 2019, Intuit deployed five new best practices to propel equity internally and externally: 

  1. We do not ask candidates for salary history in each of our 18 locations globally. 
  2. We increased the frequency of our pay equity analysis from once to twice a year to better adjust differences in equity in real time. 
  3. We improved our promotion processes to look at rates of promotion for women. 
  4. We have standardized rubrics for talent-related decisions, such as hiring and promotions. 
  5. We continue to invest in targeted programs for women and people of color to close the opportunity gaps outside of our own walls and invest in the future of our society.

We will continue to take steps to create diverse and inclusive workplace for all of our global workforce to thrive, learn and grow.