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The Upside to Filing Your Taxes

Social Responsibility The Upside to Filing Your Taxes

Now that Tax Day is behind us, most of us are probably glad just to be done. Like going to the dentist or skipping dessert, filing taxes is something we do because we have to, not because we want to. Yet there actually is a hidden upside to filing your taxes that often gets overlooked in our rush to be finished. So before we all move on with our busy lives, we wanted to reflect on the deeply empowering aspects of filing your return – and why it’s actually an event worth celebrating.

Taxes are deeply personal. No two tax returns are alike because no two of us are the same. After all, you – and only you –understand the uniqueness of your life…your individual circumstances, your family environment and living arrangements, your employment details and, critically, the deductions and credits you deserve.

Since the founding of the Republic itself, taxes are also deeply embedded in the relationship between individual Americans and the government. The central principle is that preparing your own taxes is a citizen’s right, not just an obligation.

So, beyond the refunds and returns, filing your taxes can be the most financially significant and empowering moment of the year. It is the one time annually when each of us takes stock of our whole financial picture. It’s a time to reflect on the year that was and plan for the year that will be. A time to take control of our financial lives, and set goals and strategies for the future. It gives us the power to determine – on our own – our financial obligation and priorities for the year. For many, it’s the chance to get back some hard-earned money though a refund, which can sometimes be the largest payday of the year.

At Intuit, we’re proud to help millions of Americans each year get the most out of tax time. Our mission is to power prosperity around the world – and that means being on your side, guiding you through your finances and helping you apply our nation’s tax code to your specific situation.

We do that by building a product that helps make preparing taxes easy and simple. We also advocate on your behalf for a simpler tax code and the right of every American to continue to determine their own tax obligation. We believe the more you know about your finances, the more you are in control and can make informed decisions about your money.

So take a moment to celebrate – celebrate that you are done, celebrate the year gone by and the year that lies ahead, and celebrate the unique opportunity and right we have in this country to be stewards of our own finances.





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