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Intuit is committed to fostering a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment. The policies below are particularly important for helping us live up to that commitment. We are sharing them to increase transparency and promote a dialogue about these issues more broadly.

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At Intuit, diversity and inclusion are part of our culture and who we are as a company. We believe that innovation thrives in a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment that includes a diverse range of employees, perspectives and experiences.

Intuit is an equal opportunity employer. We hire, promote and reward the most qualified employees no matter what protected categories they happen to fall into. We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion or religious dress or grooming practices, age, sex, pregnancy or childbirth or breastfeeding status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or veteran or military status, marital or registered domestic partnership or civil union status, housing status, medical condition, genetics, or any other protected categories. That’s true for all aspects of employment, including recruiting, hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, termination, compensation, benefits and training.

Applicants and employees who need workplace accommodations because of their disabilities or religious beliefs should also reach out to HR Connect for help.

We expect all employees to help foster a safe, ethical and inclusive work environment. Remember that not everyone may share your point of view. Always share different perspectives in a courteous and respectful way. If that is not possible or your perspective is likely to make others feel like they do not belong or do not have equal opportunities at Intuit because of a protected characteristic (for example, gender, race or age), do not share that perspective at work or with work colleagues. We will take corrective action for comments or actions that do not align to Intuit’s values and our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity.


Reporting Violations of this Policy

We cannot address conduct we do not know about. All managers are required to promptly report any known or suspected violation of this policy. We also want all other employees to report any conduct that they experience, see, or hear about that may violate this policy, even if it did not happen to them, within their team or to someone the employee knows.

If you believe you have experienced conduct that violates this policy or are aware of or witnessed conduct that may have impacted someone else, please report it right away to HR Connect or Intuit’s Integrity Line (anonymous reporting) 24 hours a day by opening a case online or calling 877-379-3939 (US). (If you are calling from outside the US, go to the Intuit Integrity Line and under “To Make a Report” select your country from the drop-down list in step one.) You can also report the conduct to your HR Business Partner, your manager or any higher-level leaders. Any HR representative, manager or executive who becomes aware of a complaint or concern must immediately report it to HR Connect, their HR Vice President or the Ethics Office so the company can investigate the claim internally.

Every employee can play a role in helping us meet our commitment to a safe, inclusive and ethical environment. If you report what you believe is a violation of this policy, we will make reasonable efforts under the circumstances to protect your identity and maintain confidentiality, except as necessary to conduct our investigation and take appropriate action.

If you have experienced inappropriate or unwelcome conduct from another person, you may also want to consider telling the other person that the behavior was offensive and needs to stop. You are not required to do so, but it is possible that the other person does not realize that his or her conduct was inappropriate or unwelcome. A clear written or verbal communication can let the other person know they have crossed a line and give them an opportunity to adjust their behavior.


Investigating and Correcting Inappropriate Conduct

We will investigate any good faith report of inappropriate conduct including retaliation. We will talk with the people involved and other witnesses. Regardless of how we hear about it or who we hear it from, a qualified member of our team will timely respond, investigate in a fair and impartial manner and document and track the investigation. Our investigation will be conducted in a way that provides all parties with a reasonable chance to be heard and our findings will be based on the evidence collected. All employees are expected to cooperate with our internal investigation process to help ensure we can effectively evaluate all complaints. We will make reasonable efforts to keep investigation findings and related documentation confidential, except where necessary to complete and close out our investigation and take appropriate action.


If Intuit finds a violation of this policy, we will take appropriate action to address and/or correct it immediately and to prevent additional violations. Depending on the situation, we may provide training, counseling, or job reassignment for the person or persons who have violated this policy. Anyone who violates this policy may be subject to corrective action that, in some cases, may include immediate termination. When addressing a violation of this policy, we will consider, among other things, the severity of the conduct and the response and accountability taken by the individual who violated the policy. When appropriate, Intuit will make adjustments for any losses in pay, benefits or employment position that resulted from violation of this policy.

Anyone who has concerns about how an investigation was conducted, the process or investigation conclusions may contact the Ethics Office or any HR Vice President.


Retaliation is Prohibited

Intuit prohibits retaliation against individuals who raise concerns about violations of this policy either internally or externally or who help with an investigation of a complaint.

Retaliation can include:

  • Termination or demotion
  • Reducing pay or benefits
  • Unfairly criticizing or evaluating job performance
  • Interfering with work
  • Ostracizing or otherwise excluding from activities at work
  • Physical violence
  • Threatening to do any of the above


Who Needs to Know This Policy

This policy applies to all US employees.


Not Following This Policy

Employees who do not follow this policy will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.