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Intuit Prosperity Accelerator™: AI

Powered by Highline Beta. An equity-free and challenged-based virtual program focused on helping communities overcome financial challenges.


The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator™: AI is a 5-month program that will leverage the power of AI to advance the financial prosperity of consumers and businesses in North America. Selected startups have access to a corporate and investor mentorship network, dedicated coaching, and the opportunity for follow-on investment from Highline Beta.

Challenge Areas

More Money: Unlock smart money decisions and help keep more money in people’s pockets.

Complete Confidence: Access expert advice and give people the confidence they need to make informed financial choices.

No Work: Instantly deliver value through frictionless interactions and eliminate manual processes.

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Technology Areas of Interest

Machine Learning: Building algorithms which progressively learn from data to automate tasks for our customers.

Knowledge Engineering: Turning rules, government regulations, and relationships about data into code to eliminate work and provide tailored experiences.

Natural Language Processing: Processing, analyzing and understanding human language to create interactions with customers and automate repetitive tasks.

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Intuit Prosperity Accelerator Key Dates

June 21, 2021

Applications Open

Aug 31, 2021

Applications Close

Oct 12, 2021

Program Start Date

FEB / MAR 2022

Demo Day

Why startups love the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator

Employee Story 1

“Design for Delight has fundamentally changed the way we research and prioritize product features.”

Erin Bury Co-founder & CEO at Willful
Employee Story 1

We were able to achieve in a few months what otherwise would have taken years.

Blaine Bertsch CEO at Dryrun
Employee Story 1

The Intuit Prosperity Accelerator was a great experience that helped us better define our business and clearly understand our positioning.

Arshad Merali Founder & CEO at Rivvi
Employee Story 1

As a startup, getting access to the minds and potentially game-changing opportunities with a huge company like Intuit is invaluable.

Jesse Abrams Co-founder & CEO at Homewise

Quotes from Alumni

Intuit Prosperity Accelerator in the News

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The Business JOURNALS

AI-driven startups passionate about helping communities prosper should apply for Intuit’s accelerator program by Aug. 31

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Accelerator challenge: Could your AI startup help consumers and small businesses overcome financial challenges?

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Calling AI Startups to Power Financial Prosperity

About Intuit

Intuit is a mission-driven, global financial platform company that gives everyone the opportunity to prosper. We serve consumers, small businesses and the self-employed and work with a range of partners to solve our customers’ most pressing problems. Our products, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and Credit Karma help our customers around the world make more money, with the least amount of work, while having complete confidence in their actions and decisions.

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About Highline Beta

Highline Beta is a venture studio and venture capital firm helping big companies grow outside of their core through organic venture development and inorganic startup partnerships. Highline Beta is Intuit’s partner in the Intuit Prosperity Accelerator. Highline Beta designs, executes and oversees the program, as well as advises on the selection of startups to participate.

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