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    Level 1

    Company: TAD Gaming Services, LLC

    Basic service based business

    Ryan, Emily and King are friends from college who have been working in the Video Game industry for several years and decided to start their own company. TAD Online Gaming offers programming, graphic art and testing services. They subcontract for composing and sound services.

    The partners understand that a solid financial foundation and using the right tools is paramount to their success. There is only one problem. None of them has knowledge or experience regarding how to set up or run a company. After extensive research, they found training that will walk them through creating and operating a sustainable business using QuickBooks Online business management software.

    Annual revenue: Under $500,000

    Entity: Partnership

    Employees: 3 partners – no other employees

    How to Videos

    TAD Gaming Banking Center

    TAD Gaming Chart of Accounts

    TAD Gaming Overview

    Curriculum: 7 Sections

    Curriculum will be updated on December 1st, 2021

    Course Duration Recommendation
    • 6: 50-minute sessions
    • 6+ hours student activities and tests

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    Curriculum provided
    • Teacher Guide and Presentation (PPT)
    • Curriculum Student Guide (PDF)