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    Level 2

    Company: Sushi Coma Restaurant, Inc.

    Service and inventory business

    Sushi Coma is a company owned by Daniel and Olivia with 2 locations and both in-house and online sales. They know they need to get a better handle on Inventory Management and Re-order Levels, learn how to use Purchase Orders, track financial data per location as well as start using QuickBooks OnlinePayroll. In addition, they want to understand how to track financial data per location and how to correctly use the Sales Tax Center. This curriculum encompasses their journey from the initial setup phase through today and shows them how to become more profitable!

    Annual revenue: Under $1,000,000

    Entity: S-Corp

    Employees: 2 Owners, 10 employees (W2)

    How to Videos

    Sushi Coma Banking Center

    Sushi Coma Chart of Accounts

    Sushi Coma Inventory

    Sushi Coma Sales Tax

    Sushi Coma Products & Services

    Sushi Coma Overview

    Course Duration Recommendation

    • Six 50-minute sessions
    • 6+ hours student activities and tests

    Curriculum provided

    • Teacher Guide and Presentation (PPT)
    • Curriculum Student Guide (PDF)