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    Level 3

    Company: Inflow Heating and Cooling

    Service and inventory business

    Inflow is a Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Business in its 5th year of operation and services both residential and commercial customers. Josh, the owner of InFlow, employs 10 full time workers and uses independent contractors. He has requested training on how to setup and use the Payroll feature as well as how to pay independent contractors.

    Josh also realizes he needs to accurately track how much he is making or losing per job, vs. overall company performance. We will help him setup and utilize the Job Costing feature and make sure he understands the difference between Job Costing and Project Tracking in QuickBooks Online. We will also show him how to use Purchase Orders, Create Estimates and setup Progressive Invoicing to ensure good cash flow.

    Annual revenue: Under $2,000,000

    Entity: Sole proprietor

    Employees: 1 Owner, 10 Employees

    Course Duration Recommendation

    • Six 50-minute sessions
    • 6+ hours student activities and tests

    Curriculum provided

    • Teacher Guide and Presentation (PPT)
    • Curriculum Student Guide (PDF)