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Women-Owned Businesses to Shop This Women’s History Month and Beyond


Each year in March, Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements women have made throughout history. We’ve pulled together a list of QuickBooks customers and women-owned small businesses that you’re sure to love. 

Help us support women and together, we can work toward a world that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Adwoa Beauty

Transcending the natural beauty brand, we know how challenging wash n’ go’s can be for kinky-curly hair textures. (USA-based)

Black Girl Magik

Through weaving spirituality and holistic health, Black Girl Magik is establishing an entirely new approach to online wellness and education to help you grow in community. Their purpose is to help you in awakening the healer within through practices and education rooted in wellness and ancestral healing. (USA-based)

Cup of Té

Cup of Té, founded by Taylor Lindsay-Noel, is a premier online retailer of loose leaf organic teas and teaware. Based in Ontario, Canada, they are dedicated to enriching lives through the experience of premium teas specially made from organic ingredients. Each cup offers unique benefits to tea lovers all over the world and every drop tells a story. (Canada-based)

Femme Kulture

Femme Kulture is a Latina-owned and inspired clothing brand by Lorena Carmona-Moore. The brand highlights trailblazing women in history, representing their culture and empowering the new Latinx generation through fashionable threads. (USA-based)

Grounded Plants

Grounded was created to help you disconnect and decompress through the appreciation of plants in the spaces we occupy. Their selection of plants has a plethora of benefits designed to elicit a sense of tranquility and mindfulness. (USA-based)

Indiecords & co.

Indiecords offers slow-made, hand-crafted accessories and jewelry made out of polymer clay, acrylic, brass, resin, and other recycled materials. (USA-based)

Kanda Chocolates

Kanda™ Chocolates are grown, processed, packed, and posted straight from Ghana, with their products produced from 100% Ghana Cocoa beans and infused with simple, non-genetically modified ingredients. The result is a unique bean-to-bar experience with a sustainable, measurable impact on the world through their commitments to social and environmental justice. (USA-based)

Mini Mioche

mini mioche, founded by Alyssa Kerbel, is a lifestyle brand focused on super soft, timeless, ethically‑made organic cotton fashion basics for infants and kids newborn to 12 years. All mini mioche clothing is designed and made ethically from start‑to‑finish in Canada, including their custom organic fabrics, which are knit and dyed in Toronto. (Canada-based)

Mount Lai

Inspired by her grandma’s skincare routine and self care ritual, Stephanie founded Mount Lai to share the wisdom and practices used in traditional Chinese medicine. Mount Lai’s skincare products use herbs intentionally selected for their healing and beneficial properties that will make your skin glow. (USA-based)


MUMGRY takes the guess work out of snacking. We make delicious plant-based snacks using only the good stuff. (Canada-based)

Saucy Lips

Natalia and Jess grew up in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico eating delicious meals made by their mother, Gabriela. After moving to the US, the family started selling Gabriela’s delicious and saucy creations at local farmers’ markets. Their goal? To share Gabriela’s authentic Mexican creations and bring families back to the table with good food. With the help of their women-led team, Saucy Lips has expanded into retailers nationwide. (USA-based)

Skinny Souping

Skinny Souping, founded by Alison Velazquez, is vegan and gluten-free, made with simple all-natural ingredients thoughtfully combined to provide maximum nutrition. All of the flavors were created from inception to be delicious served hot or cold. They package the soups in modern BPA-free jars which allows for easy consumption on the go. (USA-based)

The Villij

The Villij is a wellness club empowering women of color to nurture their physical, mental, and emotional health. The Villij builds relatable wellness tools and experiences that affirm women of color. Kim Knight (left) and Shanelle McKenzie (right) strive to eliminate the stressors and adversity they face in cultivating well-being. (Canada-based)

Three Ships

Connie Lo and Laura Burget founded Three Ships Beauty to solve the problems that they faced as consumers. Three Ships Beauty is a natural skin care company featuring vegan and cruelty-free natural skincare products. (Canada-based)

Viva La Bonita

Viva La Bonita is a women’s lifestyle and apparel brand inspired by women who are fearless. Rachel Gomez founded the brand in 2012 while working her full-time retail job. The brand organically grew an online community for Latinas who truly believe in the magic of self-empowerment. (USA-based)


Inspired by the healing ingredients of her heritage, Rosa created a new kind of drink that marries modern taste with ancient nutrition. Wildwonder is a delightful, bubbly, and gut‑healing drink made with whimsical flavors and real ingredients. (USA-based)