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2020 Conferences from Home: VentureBeat Transform 2020 – AI-First App Development

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“What AI and data allow us to do is have applications that are very tailored to us. The user experience changes from something static that you code, a predictable flow from one place to another, to something that is dynamically generated on the spot,” says Intuit CTO Marianna Tessel. “As a developer, you need to think in terms of mini-experiences that you can stitch together, so how you write the app is very different.”

The move to mobile didn’t just change the way users accessed apps—it changed the way developers thought. By taking a mobile-first approach to development, we enabled a new type of experience. Now artificial intelligence has sparked a similar revolution. AI and automation make it possible to offer dynamically generated personalization, so that no two users see the same thing—and each user gets the right experience for their needs. From individually tailored cash flow planning and auto-categorized transactions to the conversational user interface (CUI), AI-first development is already providing dramatically simpler and more effective ways for people to use Intuit applications. And the revolution has only just begun.

At the recent VentureBeat Transform 2020 virtual event, Tessel took the main stage for a fireside chat on “From mobile-first to AI-first: How Intuit is adopting an AI-first approach in app development.”

To learn more about how we’re moving beyond add-on functionality to design AI into the core of the user experience, view the recorded video session here.

You can also read the VentureBeat writeup here.

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Marianna Tessel is CTO at Intuit. She oversees Intuit’s technology strategy and leads all of Intuit’s product engineering, data science, information technology and information security teams worldwide, harnessing advanced technology that helps power prosperity for our customers and partners around the world. Tessel earned a B.S. in computer science from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and has coursework toward an M.S. in computer science and brain research from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.