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Intuit Tech Story: Meet Jocelyn

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Advances in technology equip our data scientists and engineers with the tools they need to innovate, but it’s their passion, curiosity, and desire for real change that brings them to Intuit. Intuit’s lofty mission to “power prosperity around the world” can only be solved through technology.

We sat down with Jocelyn Lu, Senior Data Scientist at Intuit and the star of our latest video, to gain a deeper understanding of where her passion stems from, how Intuit empowers her to constantly evolve and grow, and how she uses technology to understand and solve real customer problems.

Take a look below at more of our conversation with Jocelyn:…

How would you describe your role to another engineer?

JL: My role involves identifying pain points for customers that can be solved in an intelligent way that inform and catalyze technological evolution with future cases. This happens a lot when working with machine learning—diving into data for a preliminary exploration of user and transactional patterns, identifying potential solutions, and deploying a model.

How are you utilizing AI or ML to solve challenges for customers?

JL: Our main focus is to get transaction budgeting as accurate as possible, allowing us to maintain customer confidence in the quality and security of our data. Within this, we have many facets: base categorization of user transactions into useful budgeting categories, identifying personal and location information, clearing up transaction descriptions, and predicting when users have new transactions rather than wait for them to refresh their bank connections.

How does Intuit challenge you to be a better data scientist?

JL: As a data scientist at Intuit, I’m responsible for end-to-end management of our solutions. I’m involved in everything from data pipelining and exploration to model construction and deployment, while also working cross-functionally across both product and service organizations. This has allowed me to develop a comprehensive understanding of how the data science process works in a large company operating at scale.

What made you choose Intuit and why were you drawn to the company?


JL: I started at Intuit as an intern, and immediately loved the customer focus and the “design for delight” principles that drive every single decision. I’m confident and proud that the work I do truly benefits our customers—getting to work on products that meaningfully impact thousands of small businesses and millions of lives makes me excited to come to work every day.

What advice would you give to new engineers?

JL: The main piece of advice I wish I had gotten when I first started working full-time is to believe your thoughts and contributions are worthwhile. It can be daunting as a new engineer to join a team that has been working together for years, and I definitely fell into the trap of thinking that because my teammates had been working on the problem for longer their input was better and more applicable. In reality, a fresh point of view is often invaluable, especially within established teams.

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