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It’s About Time: Intuit Acquires Long-Standing Partner, TSheets

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Today, tracking time is a core activity for our small business, self-employed and really any project-based customers; a task often managed using a manual solution. Nearly two million consumers still use paper or a disconnected solution to track time and get paid. We think it’s because they are longing for something that will deliver on no work, no time and complete confidence. To deliver on this promise, today we announced that we are acquiring long-standing partner, TSheets.

Intuit and TSheets share a long history of helping customers succeed together. Beyond our successful partnership (seven years to date), Intuit chose to acquire TSheets because of its product and technology capabilities, strong customer base, exceptional support and how they value employees by placing a premium on company culture.

As part of Intuit, TSheets sees a tremendous opportunity to grow faster and reach even more customers, providing a seamless experience that will contribute to the world’s largest small business and self-employed ecosystem. 

Together, we will provide customers with a smarter way to quickly and accurately run payroll, manage their time, send invoices, and understand profitability by project.

What’s next? For now, it’s business as usual. Once the transaction closes, TSheets will become a new offering within Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group with Matt Rissell, TSheets’ co-founder and current CEO, assuming the role of Segment Leader. When this deal becomes final in mid-January, we look forward to welcoming TSheets to the Intuit family.

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