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Welcome Applatix to the Intuit Team

Innovation, News Scott Cook, Intuit founder, brainstorming on day 1 with Applatix team

Scott Cook, Intuit founder, brainstorming on day 1 with Applatix team


Hot off the heels of being named one of Fortune Magazine’s Future 50, Intuit is continuing to reinvent itself by investing in cutting-edge technology and building an organization that takes pride in our mission of powering prosperity around the world.

That’s why I’m thrilled that we acquired Applatix, a team at the forefront of building scalable production systems with containers and Kubernetes in both public and private clouds. Applatix has been an active contributor to open source and is the team behind Argo, a container-native workflow engine for Kubernetes that’s gaining traction in the community. We will continue to support the Argo project, which was recently featured in TGI Kubernetes. By acquiring Applatix, we are able to further improve our development process by adopting devops tools and practices leaning on capabilities provided by technologies like Kubernetes and containers. Their addition to the Intuit team will bring new capabilities to our services-based platform and fully automate our CI/CD/CO (continuous operations) pipelines, allowing us to improve our customer and developer experiences.

Applatix has been a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) member and I’m thrilled to announce that Intuit will continue the CNCF membership, affirming our commitment to the open source community and CNCF as we work closely together and contribute to leading-edge cloud native technologies to advance Intuit’s mission: power prosperity around the world.

I’m proud to welcome the Applatix team to Intuit as part of our badass engineering organization!

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